Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sweet Love

Some days are better than others. today, to be honest, i struggled with Aidan. he was somewhat showing his other side the whole day, while i, tried my very best to keep my calm and be reasonable and reason things out with him the whole day! (some successful than others).

But above all, despite the tiredness and the exhaustion, it is still very very rewarding. and i would do it again and again if i have to! (after a good rest, of course!). as i watch him sleep, clutching his favourite lion pillow his oma gave him when he was born, every tired bone in me was healed. every bit of it was worth it. i even felt guilty for saying no to him wanting another teeny bit of my sap (juice, which contains sugar!!!). i should have given him his 4th sip!

Love is pure. a mother's love is pure. by the way, a good friend of mine just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 3 days ago. her baby's name is Eva. eva's half french and half malaysian, so just imagine how she looks like!! i cant help but to stare at her pictures everyday! to see a photo of a new mother and a newborn child is just pure bliss. we hope to go visit them in paris one of these days... such a joy!

I received a parcel today from a friend up north. it got me by surprise! i wondered what could it be inside! i know whatever it is coming from her, i knew she was sincere. the kind of friendship that one seek is a sincere one. it doesnt matter how many friends you have in this world, its what type of friends they are and what kind of person they are inside that matters.

I love the gift! with love (and water!), hopefully they (and our friendship) will grow and blossom well! thank you, you know who you are! something's coming your way! i know i've said it once, long time ago... but it will come! i promise!!

Dont we all question what love is at one point in our lives? i've questioned it many many times before i met hardy. it stopped after i met him. and after we got married, up until today,
our actions say it all.

Love is sweet! true, sincere, pure and simple love is even sweeter! it sure is! have a lovely weekend everyone! have a good valentine's day, a wonderful weekend. enjoy, love and cherish one another! good night everyone... tot volgende week! (that's till next week in dutch!)

All my love,


Crash Test Mom said...

dear zaza,
i may not have said it many times before, but i'm saying it again.. u are so talented! i can't get enough of your craftwork.

btw, my sincere condolence on the passing of your good neighbour :(

Diva PariTs said...

we'll be waiting for the belanda clan to visit!! ;)

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

They are as sweet as you Zaza

dodiemohd said...

Hai ZAZA! My name is Dodie. Ive been introduced to u by our lovely friend, UMMI365. She knows that i am in love with craft things like u did, thats why she suggested me to see all your handwork. It really nice! I love most of your handwork. And for sure, we both have this crazy ideas with those craft things,right. My email is Nice to meet u here!!

dodiemohd said...

sorry, typing error..

emly2175 said...

as usual, your cards are so lovely & pretty to see..

Anonymous said...

i love your last card!! simple and straight to the point. you'll keep hallmark busy, za. hehhee. hugs, yayaH

tulipurple said...
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tulipurple said...

aduishhh...manisssnye zaza,jgn sampai kene kencing manis sudah..i'm so touched reading ur N3 this time...u made me cried,dear.

Aidan's mama & papa said...

crash test mom, thanks ever so much! you've just made me smile from ear to ear! glad someone (apart from me!) likes them!

john was a good man. we miss him dearly. thank you.

diva parits: bebe eva sehat takkkk?? we cant wait to meet her, her mama and mama yong and of course eva's daddy!!! love you guys!

dodie: hi! thanks for dropping by. and thank you k.ummi for mentioning me ;) good to know that someone's a crafter too! i bet you've created a lot of lovely stuff! sending you lots of best wishes!!

emly: this was what mum told me this a couple of mornings ago -
"dek, adek kenal emly tak? dia msg kat blog mak! she's sooooo nice.." and of course adek replied "yes, she is! and i havent even met her mum!"
everytime you pop by, you never fail to make me smile! sending you lots of love!!

yayaH: tried leaving a couple of comments kat fb, tengok gambar naufal! he is soooooo like you!!!! i will pop by later and write something. lots of hugs to you guys!

tulip purple: allaahhai, come wipe your tears (hands you a tissue). dah tok sah nangis! you wanna know something, i've been working on a few purple projects lately!! ;)

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