Sunday, 1 February 2009


We were invited to our dear friend Alberto and Katrien's house in Leuven today to welcome their newborn baby boy Lorenzo. it was a lovely gathering with lovely people and lovely cakes and vlaai!

Baby Lorenzo was such a cutie, and not to mention so good and well behaved! he slept soundly as we all talked and giggled.

I just love making baby things! it is always a joy to welcome a new life into the world. and what more to shower them with gifts and love! and so i prepared them a bucket of gifts. i LOVE these buckets and i currently have a line of them on my shelf to store most of my itsy bitsies. added Lorenzo's initial to personalize it. perhaps later they can use to store his small toys, crayons or socks! i'm sure it'll come handy!

I made a banner for baby Lorenzo's room. very pleased with how it turned out. used loads of papers and ribbons as well as trimmings for this project.

Here's wishing both proud parents all the joy and love in the world with their new addition!

A couple of cards i made last week. this time i decided to work with blue. red's been a little bit too much for me, and i needed the break! I used MM's metal charms, the one i have up on My Honeypot for these two pieces. you honestly wont see the beauty until you've put them onto your cards/projects.
I used some prima flowers and MM small white blossoms with brads and scattered them across the card.

Here's the second card with some MM's charms on them.

Love is definitely in the air! i keep on using hearts and "love" on almost all of the things i do these days! arent they cute?!

Anyway, that's it for tonight! i'm trying my best to reply emails and finishing up most orders in time. but i do hope most of you would understand that my main priority is my role here at home. home is definitely where my heart is!
So till next time, here's sending you lots of love!


Qaseh said...

sooo nice and cute...

k.ct said...

cantik bangat za..!

nana zaharey said...

OOO kak ZAza... cantiknya banner tu... so cute... nak jugak!!! hahaha.. mcm budak kecikkan... seriously I envy u....

Wiz said...

Blue is my favourite colour Z. You are pleasing me with all these bluey entries of yours.

Anonymous said...

Lorenzo is one lucky little chap! Very nice Zaza. my first time visiting and I'm amazed with your talent. I should write talents beacuse you have more than one! Will be visiting again.


akmal mubarak said...

Auwww Zaza, the baby stuffs are awesome! I have bought some adorable ribbons & trimmings suitable for baby projects. Thought of you. Nanti bebila I e-mail the photo to you. And if you like them, I can mail them to you.

Akmal, Qatar

buy an assignment said...

it's so sweet. felt like you give all your loving to this stuff. you're big fellow