Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Bold Attempt

The best thing about having a blog is you get to make a lot of new friends! some will surprise you, and some will stay close to your heart. some prefer to remain silent, some expect a lot from you, while some, give their outmost trust on you. of course it has its downsides but its just so wonderful to know there's a few who likes what you do! always, always brings a smile and warms my heart when someone msgs or leave me comments.

I received a very sweet email from Ida one day. she wanted to give a card and something else to go with the card for her husband, giving me all her trust! i cringed! another challenge since flowers and butterflies are a must in almost all my cards! but i'm up for a challenge!

So here's what i did...

A notebook and a card with such bold brave colours! i'm quite pleased with how it turned out! and Ida liked them too! *sigh of relief!* Posted them and hope they'll arrive safely together with a little something for her ;)

Thanks Ida for the trust, and the incredibly super fast payment! i really appreciate it! good luck with your new house, i'm sure everything will go as planned and it'll be a beautiful house!

Hardy's back from Gothenburg so now Aidan and i are going to shower papa with all kisses, smooches, hugs and tickles till he beg us to stop! have a lovely weekend everyone!


HafiZaH AzMy said...

Heart nyer kad nie!!!

tulipurple said...

semlm i stumbled on a craft shop full of bookscrappig things..ting!it reminds me of u dear..
nice kaler ek the notebook..hehe n of coz nice job!

Anonymous said...

LOVEly as usual zaza

Ranee said...

hehehehhe men will never beg us to stop with our kisses and love. They want more and more. So, enjoy! *smile*

how to write annotated bibliography said...

You are so creative! You need to be a professional designer!