Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Smiles & Good Times

Good times! we certainly had some good times in Switzerland and Italy! it was quite a trip but we have had a lovely spring break. snapped more than a thousand good shots and now scratching our heads as to which to chose for printing! sorry I didnt get the chance to write about these few stuff before i left. i did manage to get them posted though! we hosted a dinner and with the packing and all, i just didnt have the chance to blog about them. and now that i'm back, checked my email, boy! i've got so so many emails to reply!

Here's a board and a notebook i made for Zura. she liked the album i did for dad and asked for a similar one but smaller. so this one's a notebook for her to scribble her notes. I love adding metal embellishments to everything these days! they're absolutely charming!

Zura wanted to give an anniversary present to her other half and i told her that i'd make her a board with their initials and she could hang it. the brown center bit is a space where she can add a photo of them together.

Off to another order.. another board. Ema wanted to hang something in her new kitchen. she loves cupcakes (arent they cute?!). i covered the board with fabric and used one of my white doilies (something every kitchen and craftroom should have!) to decorate.

I wasnt sure of the length of the board that would suit the spot in her kitchen. and so i figured the best way is to provide her with a long ribbon and pegged them with a painted peg. that way, she can adjust whatever length she choses.

Apart from buttons, i love pegs! i collect every size from the tinest to the old ones... Added chipboard for her name, cardstock saying, buttons, lace and trimmings i bought at czech republic and voila! i really enjoyed myself working with these two projects!

I should be off now. we currently have a guest staying over and i'm taking her shopping today before i go fetch Aidan at his playschool. thanks for hopping by! i hope the weather there is much much better than what we currently have here in Sittard! the clouds are out today.. i miss the birds and the sun and hope they'll come out pretty soon! regardless the weather, i will surely have a good day! i hope you do too!


Rose said...

As usual, it always a surprise to visit your blog. Full of nice crafts and arts. I love them, Zaza...

Anonymous said...

lama tak singgah. lovely, always zaza. i love cupcakes tooooo!


SewCut said...

that's good ideal for my new diary, thanks for sharing :D