Tuesday, 12 May 2009

~ Voor Mijn Allerliefste Moeder~

I'm a little teary as i write this. I have a wonderful mum. she is my idol, i think the world of her. she has so so much love in her, she has creative hands, she's warm, gentle, funny, ambitious, strong and everything good in between! she's amazing and i feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have her as my mum.

She inspires me with her creativity. we work well together. i admire and look up to her. we all do....

Our Mother's day was just as sweet as those white peonies i bought for her. we enjoyed our outing last sunday very very much. Hardy and i took her to den Bosch, to a fair for all jewellery makers! oh my god!!! we almost went crazy when we entered the hall! we were there for more than 5 hours and had an excellent time looking at each and every single bead and findings! brilliant! we enjoyed ourselves!

Aidan made a card for Oma as well! does he take after his mum, you reckon? oh well, maybe just the pasting skills!

Coming back from the fair, mum said to us in the car "i am the happiest mother in the world!" and on behalf of my sister and i, i'm sure we think the same, we're the most luckiest and happiest daughters in the world mum! enjoy all your beads and treassures! you're our true gem! we love you!

"No painter's brush, nor poet's pen

In justice to her fame

Has ever reached half high enough

To write a mother's name."

To all mothers, i certainly hope you've had a good Mother's Day!

Love always,

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Eka said...

i rasa aidan akan ikut youlah zaza! card for your mom tu so beautiful!! i wish i'm creative like you!