Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sweet Tweets!

Are you enjoying the weather? i certainly am! spring's absolutely beautiful! i love the smell of spring and not to mention the sound of spring! birds chirping happily during the day... the smell of fresh flowers and grass... trully blissful! the sun rise very early here this time of the year. birds starts chirping and tweeting everyday at 5 in the morning. i wake up every morning to hear them! lots of them!

I love crochets... i dont make them myself, but i collect them from flea markets and buy them new at the shops. they're so feminine and sweet i wish i know how to make them!

Made this card using one of the new ones i bought at the shops long, long time ago... used a few of my favourite petals and pearls and added velvet ribbon on the side. 

For the past one month we have been busy entertaining! its lovely catching up.. chatting (and eating) away with our guests... especially when they're such wonderful company! how i wish we had more time!

Remember i blogged about these daffodils and petals a couple of posts ago? well, i've finally put them to use! our dear dear friends from paris came over with their beautiful newborn baby daugther Eva. it was Eva's first holiday out of France and we were so happy to have them all here at our home!

I wish i had more time to make her a special banner. i did this one to hang on the bedroom door. 

We had a brilliant time together! it was a very long weekend, we went sightseeing and did some shopping at the outlets, i had a blast! i was so beat, i slept at 10pm every night for the past 5 days!

It's now past midnight, i guess i've recouperate from the tiredness! it was all worth it, i'd do it all over again! anyway.. i should get going.. waking up to the birds again tomorrow! 

Have a lovely day everyone... love always!


el isman said...

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Anonymous said...

Again, i like everything!

ila de cute said...

Hi zaza,
Kagum nya...u are really talented. I am interested dgn things yg u sell @ honeypot...still selling ke? btw, i ada email u at zaza_shah@yahoo.com.

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