Friday, 29 May 2009


Just a quick post before i fetch my bumble bee from his playschool. it's been a lovely week and we'll be having another long weekend, monday's a public holiday here in holland! loads of spring activities and concerts going on, we might do some cycling and who knows some gardening as well!

I had a quick chat with my best friend yesterday and was inspired to make this card! i also received a couple of emails saying i've inspired them to craft! it made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy knowing i've inspired someone! thank you, thank you very much! just remember, everyone's creative in their own special way! you wont know it until you try! so go on, give it a shot girls!

Back to the card, i love the bold damask pattern on the paper and how well these 3 colours combine! added a butterfly chipboard and flower. topped with a gem. stitched the paper, added trimmings and a beautiful vellum by one of my favourite designers Anna Griffin!

I should get going.. i will reply emails and comments soon. have a lovely weekend my lovely friends.. as usual, thanking you for all the sweet words and wishing you loads of happiness, always! 


Lynn said...

Hi Zaza,

I enjoyed browsing thru your blog. You're such a talented crafter, making beautiful creations! Really love your cards, designs, etc.
Oh yeah, if you're interested in greeting card business, do pop over to my blog k. =)
Have a great week Zaza!


mrika said...

hi zaza ..

thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)haven't updated the Unpatterned one in a bit now. incidentally, i had just updated the Patterned one. i've made some small changes. it's now called m : patterned.

yours (blog) is always full of pretty colours. soft, pretty colours ... can't help assuming your life there is just as pretty and soft as is your blog. and with spring very much in full swing, i can only imagine how beautiful your days there must be this time of the year.

as always, happy crafting + posting.
oh, do check out my Facebook page, under the name 'm : patterned'. ;-)

Eka said...

another beautiful creation zaza!

Anonymous said...

Lovely as always Zaza,,,=)

shasha_zamlis said...

Za, everytime k.sha tgk ur latest craft, u never failed to make me feel awed and amused of ur wonderful talent. Keep it up, your creations beat even the most professional ones. Thumbs up n keep on going!
Love lots, Kak Shasha

dodiemohd said...

Soooooo Lovely touch!! sukerrrr!!

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touching stuff, so lovely looks. Nice one, well done

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