Monday, 10 August 2009

The Art of Giving

I've had a good weekend and hope yours was as good, or even better! we walked to the park, we fed the ducks, went to see the watermill, spent lots of time outdoors and in the garden.. it was just pure bliss! weather's been gorgeous! it was seriously hot last week, temp went up to 30c but it's slightly cooler now... much better!

We have lots of zomermarkt now that it's summer. a lot of antiques markets, outdoors. i just love them! i get this rush everytime i'm at the market! my eyes will be wide open scanning all the things and thinking what i can do with them and how can i decorate them! i saw some beauti
ful chinas the other day at the antiques market in Maastricht. i was so tempted to get them but i told myself not to get carried away! its so easy to overspend!

But guess what i've found! i found these old wooden cotton reels! gosh, they're so pretty i cant take my eyes of them! they came in various sizes and all look so warned out and rustic. i just love the brands and logos on them! most are made in France and some Belgian made.

They look lovely on their own but i just couldnt help myself! they're such a lovely shape and just the right size to dress them up with pearls, petals and papers!

Just in case if you're wondering what it says on the reel-

Have friends not for the sake of receiving, but of giving.

What lovely words! i couldnt agree more! i always get this warm feeling when i give- let it be a small tiny thing to the biggest thing of all. giving is so so rewarding. its says it all when you look at their faces, when you shake their hands, when they kiss you on your cheeks, when they write you a thank you note, when they utter words such as thank you... it certainly means the world to me!

I gave this special one to a dear friend of mine! glad she liked it!

Till next time, enjoy your week ahead! i know i will! lots to look forward too!


dodiemohd said...

zaza, me same like what u feel about 'giving'. I do agree wz the nice wording. Satu kepuasan yg x ternilai bila kita memberi sesuatu yg kita cipta sendiri. Nice hand touch dear :)

dijadeja said...

memang cantik pe yang zaza hasilkan!!saya suka sgt...anyway ambil award diblog saya

zann said...

It's right dodie...mmg satu kepuasan..and apa lagi bila melihat senyuman di bibir mereka..keep on crafting girls..mmg suka tgk sentuhan zaza..and satu lg..she live in the land of tulips...saya suka sangat tulips..dream to get there someday..

Eka said...

you are truly gifted zaza! i really love and adore all your work!!!!! ;-) you are very kind and nice. i hope to meet with you one day.

Anonymous said...


Mat Gebu said...

salam zaza....hari tu balik JB yeaa..mesti puas makan2 kann..hehe, terpukau tgk hasil kerja tgn zaza yang begitu cantik dan "genuine"...

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