Thursday, 27 August 2009

[Sweet Summer Muffin]

I am thrilled to bits that the weather's good and sunny and i'm feeling normal again. Aidan and i walked to the park for a picnic and then later fed the ducks. we had a brilliant time! we're enjoying our last days of summer 2009. we sang while we walked to the park, we giggled and laughed when we fed the ducks, we held hands and we chase after each other. i treasure life's simplest moments, and i'm glad i've got some captured in our new camera!

I wanted to write on my second part of our malaysian holidays at my other blog but i wasnt in the mood (yet), and so i jumped here and thought i'd share these few things with you. i dont bake cupcakes (not seriously), but i adore them (dont we all!). i do however bake muffins! check out these talented friends of mine- wiz, ninie and wati all three serious bakers. (click at their names and look what their talented hands can do!)

I however would stick to papers and ribbons (for now!). although i love eating the real ones!

My cousin K.sha was so kind enough to bake me a box of yummy oreo cupcakes when i was back in malaysia. she just recently started her own business and it looks like its growing really well! i left her a present before i went back. just a token of my appreciation. hope she likes the present as much as i like her cakes!

Anyway, i'm almost drooling just looking at these cakes. we will break our fast at 8.40pm today. "my sweet little muffin" is napping now, i should finish up cleaning my craft room! thanks for dropping by today!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! enjoy the littlest things!
(p.s: k.sha, happy birthday! may all your dreams come true, love and miss you and hope to see you again soon!)


shasha_zamlis said...

Thanks za for the wonderful birthday wishes. Keep on crafting, u've got magic hands...Take care n loves to all esp aidan yg sgt comel itu!!!Geram nyer!!!

xoxo Kak Shasha

Aidan's mama & papa said...

thank YOU for the cupcakes! thanks for bringing them down all the way from kl to jb! i wish our time together would have been longer.. kejap noh!

hope to see you guys again soon. happy birthday k.sha!!

love always!

Eka said...

Zaza, i have no words for your craftsanymore. semunya cantik! Slamat Berpuasa to you Zaza. semoga ramadhan membawa berkat pada kita semua.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello, nice cakes. They're really beautiful. Will go well with iced coffee....think I can polish off at least 5, ha ha.
Have a beautiful Sunday and a happy hari Merdeka. Lee.

sam said...

You are so clever - I'm now following your blog but I don't do Facebook I'm afraid, I only just mange doing what i do now hehehehee.
Take care sweetie
sam x

faraisha said...

sweet! as always...i adore ur craft so much! just read ur blog..balik msia eh..ske gamba aidan pegang flag!i love reading ur blog and scrolling through ur artwork whenever i got the chance...suke suke suke!

wati said...

hi zaza...wati nice of you to add my name in your blog to introduce my cupcakes! hope you enjoyed your trip back home...wished could give you some 'myrascupcakes!...I still owe you the tray right?? you lupe la tu...keep in touch..take care..