Monday, 24 August 2009

{When Ideas & Talent Combines}

I work best with my mum. we can sit down for hours and hours talking about crafty things, our feet and hands can cope for hours at the craft stores and fairs, we can come up with tonnes of ideas and how to execute them! and if truth must be told, she is my inspiration. she can make everything possible and fix EVERYTHING!

She makes beautiful necklaces! and her passion are beads and precious gem stones (amongst others)! i mentioned to her that it'll be nice to diversify and try to come up with different things using beads once in a while... and since i have loads, infact tonnes of ribbons, perhaps we should make some female book readers out there a little treat! certainly a treat for me (yes, i am now a bookreader as well, having a couple of books to master!)

These are just some of her beautiful beaded bookmarks. they're lovely for gifts dont you think so? mum and i love every one of them. there's more! just CLICK HERE to enter her world of crafting! do pop by and say hi.. i bet she'll love it!

(p.s: havent been feeling too well. was down since friday and what a bummer! feeling much better now!)

Love and best wishes,


k.zue said...


Eka said...

zaza and mother, dua dua tersgtlah kreative! cantik bookmarks tu. lain betul! keep it up!

Laracroft74 said...

very very nice Zaza!! this is something different!

Aidan's mama & papa said...

k.zue: thank you! i think so too!! i dont have such patience nak buat benda benda halus nih!! selamat berpuasa!! xoxox

eka: thank you!! i think they're different too! glad you like them!

lara: thank you my dear! selamat berpuasa to you and all my love to your girls!

sam said...

These are gorgeous hun - I'll pop and have a look while I'm about. Keep up the good work
Sam x

Ranee said...

Zaza, Hi,
Called you twice but no one picked the phone up.
Zaza, have you heard of these cloth flowers called Kanzashi flowers.
Here's a video

When I saw it, I thought this might interest you.
Hope you are doing well.
Ok, take care and hugs,