Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Hardy's New Tradition on Eid

This is our 2nd Eid in the Netherlands. and i think we're going to start on a new tradition - Hardy's Laksa Penang on every Eid.

Laksa is a popular noodle soup. this is a type of noodles served with a sour fish soup. back home, almost each state have their own signature laksa dish. Penang is a state in Malaysia where Hardy grew up. Laksa Penang, is made of normally mackerel (in Hardy's case he used tinned sardines in water). and its soup - tamarind, which gives the soup a sour taste.

You'd have to mash and flake the fish. and the paste consists of lemongrass, galangal and dried chillies, all blended together. another important ingredient is the laksa leaves or daun kesum, as we malays call them. we then garnish the dish with mint leaves, sliced little pineapples, thinly sliced red onions, torch ginger flower, cucumber, thinly sliced lettuce and some prawn paste.

And this is the Hardy way of eating Laksa Penang, with his crispy version of cucur udang (prawn fritters). absolute lekker!

Dont ask me of the exact ingredients, i honestly dont know! but this was what he said to me:

Galangal - the size of your toe probably, dried chillies - a handful of them, tamarind juice - a bowl first, and if its not enough, add another bowl, how many tins of sardines? - try opening 10 tins first and see if it's enough... that's Hardy in the kitchen! but whatever it is or however he did it, it is definitely the best laksa penang i've ever tasted!

Care to share your Eid tradition?


rini said...

Drool, drool !
Laksa Kedah and Laksa Penang is a bit different kan, in terms on the ingredients lah.

I usually use ikan, cili kering, belacan, bawang merah and all. Laksa, and garnish with daun salad, bawang besar hiris, daon selom ( apa eh in English tatau ), telor rebos.

Paling penting of course the daun kesom and bunga kantan, but the bunga kantan is nowhere to be seen here, so I will put loads of daon kesom and asam keping ....

- rini -

Mat Gebu said...

zaza....sedapnya laksa...kalau kat M'sia...dan kalau rasa macam ter"malas"...pegi je beli...tapi salute kat u, nampak menyelerakan sgt laksa tu...tergoda pakcik!!!

Anonymous said...

your husband cooks? wah zaza, so lucky! the laksa looks so good la..


Anonymous said...

how we celebrated ours? 3 days of ketupat, rendang, lodeh, sambal kacang, and all the works non-stop! fuiyo. some said, only johorian can do the eating of ketupat for days! any truth? dunno...gotta ask other johorian. yaya

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rini: hardys friends came last few months and we asked them if they could bring us some bunga kantan. we froze all of them. still have a couple in the freezer. without bunga kantan and with lots of daun kesum and asam keping will work too kan? we did that last year when i was craving...

Mat g: memeng sedap mat! yang beli tu sometimes kuah dia cair sgt.. salute goes to hardy! ;) dia yang masak..

mia: yes he does! not all the time, once a year je, on raya! haha.. i am indeed lucky! he's lucky 364 days out of 365! hahaha

yaya: absolutely!! we had the same, rendang, ketupat (or should i say nasi empit) and sambal kacang for almost 4 days!

mommy@lif said...

my family tradition is to have ketupat daun palas every year! and mak's is the best!! and without fail, some of us siblings & spouses dok keliling dia, learning how to fold them. then she'll whine cos semua anak menantu slow learners :p hahahah

worst of all she'll get different types of ketupat at the end of the day:palas, betina, jantan etc

and her signature dish would be either nasi dagang (mostly every raya puasa & haji), soto ayam or mee kari. nyum!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mommy@lif: i've heard of daun palas but i've never seen it before! or perhaps i have but didnt know it was daun palas!! and i've never heard of jantan, betina etc! this is REALLLYYY interesting! can you share more with us? would love to learn!!

you're lucky to have such tradition in your family! we're starting this new now that we're far.

nasi dagang!!! my oh my.. mana la nak dapat beras nasi dagang kat sini!!! *drools*