Monday, 8 October 2007

Paper Mache Boxes

Frequent readers of mine would know by now that i collect boxes. i love them. i have quite a few of them, i use them as my storage boxes to store all my arty crafty bits. i was out shopping the other day and i saw these two.

They are actually paper mache boxes. paper mache is actually quite an easy craft. a bit messy but a fun thing to do. be prepared to stick your hands into those wet sticky papers, glue and starch! and it'll probably take days for it to be all dried up and ready. but the end result will be all good. the last time i did paper mache was when i was teaching at a preschool some years back. the kids loved it.

The thing that attracted me about these two boxes was of course the colour, my kindda colour - pastel and their sticker in front of the boxes. they are absolutely sweet and as often the case when i buy something new, and especially at a bargain, and i'm all in love with them, i'd put them on my side table, next to my bed, so that i can look at them and smile when i go to bed! :)


Anonymous said...

SURPRISE! It's Azi lah...or Azizi to Tok Bah. Just found out from my dad that you have a blog. How's everyone? Hope you're all well. Miss you guys so much. I can't remmeber the last time I saw you and Fifi. Will you be in Holland or the UK for Raya? Anyway, just want to wish you a Selamat Hari Raya. Please send our love to Fifi and family and your parents as well. Your mum must have her hands full this raya with 2 little ones! (Btw, what does Aidan call her?)

Anonymous said...

you are the only person that i know who collects boxes. and you collect really nice boxes zaza.


Lollies said...

oohh one of the fun things living in Europe. Collecting collectibles. The boxes are really sweet.

Can you show me one of your paper mache artwork. he he

Frankensteina said...

Oooh I remember used to do mask ala paper mache thing with baloons and all :)

Those boxes are just lovely

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

hi zi!! it is indeed a surprise! how on earth did a.long know of my blog? hope all is well for all. fifi and family will be driving here for raya and insyaallah all of us will be together. mak and ayah will have their hands full handling both ferran and aidan. aidan calls mak ngah oma, and ayah ngan opa. mak dah tak larat nak angkat, he is 13 kilos zi!
we heard that you're going for haji after raya, alhamdulillah! we wish you selamat jalan, semoga segala amalan diberkatiNya, insyaallah. take care zi and love to all back home!

mia: i suppose lollies is right, the fun bit about living here is i get to collect quite nice collectables! lucky in that sense!

lollies: paper mache artwork? haha.. dah tak kemana dah lollies. i dare not try it again, i'd rather stick my hands into some dough, at least dapat makan lepas tu! ehehe..