Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Ikan Sambal

Look what i found at the fishmonger's! as soon as i saw them i shouted "een kilo!!" happy! happy!

I didnt even look at the name of the fish in dutch, nor the price. was so happy to get them all wrapped up in a bag and was all set to go home to fry them! one can get this dish at almost all the shops and stalls that sells nasi campur for lunch. Nasi campur means mixed rice. its like a rice buffet. rice, being the staple food of malaysians, we even eat them during lunch and breakfast! (imagine how your eyes would be after eating rice and then head back to the office) the stalls will carry at least 10 different side dishes for you to choose, eaten with rice. i'd say on most days, most stalls will have this dish.

There's so many versions, i'm sure. but here's mine..

IKAN SAMBAL (Fish with Chillies)

I'm gonna write about the sambal, i'm sure you guys know how to fry them fishes.

I used a handful, or a handful and a half of fresh chillies, red and green. deseeded, and then roughly chopped. put them in a blender and blend.

Onions! loads of them. i used 3 big ones. diced.

Heat oil in wok, add onions, fry until they are really fragrant. add in your blended chillies. stir them up well and wait till the smell gets to you, about 5 mins or so or maybe till you had a couple of sneezes. add sugar, probably about 1tbsp, more if your chillies are super hot. salt, half tbsp and half of maggi chicken stock.

Happy! happy food!!


Anonymous said...


looking at your ikan sambal 'display' buatkan aku betol2 lapo pepagi nie (8.01 am)....perrrgh!



Mat Gebu said...

Zaza...terus teringat kampung kan bila makan ikan sambal tu.....

jo ayee said...

za, ikan apa tu? mcm ikan kembung kan..kalau kat ireland, nak dpt ikan cam kat msia, hemm..kene beli yg keras kedengkong, sometimes i wonder how many years it been in the freezer.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ayong: gi beli kat pasar ramadhan gi!! yong, YM laaaa!!

mat g: ya la mat, kita teringat ingat beli makanan kat pasar ramadhan. teringat ingat makan nasi campur kat warong warong.

jo ayee: rasanya ikan selar tak? i was too excited to even notice the name of the fish! will look out for it again this saturday! yang jual kat kedai asian tu semua memang ye keras kedengkong!! haha!!! dont buy them, they're not fresh and they'd probably letak tah apa apa to make them last that long!

Anonymous said...



ainizakri said...

salam zaza...
mai jenguk dari blog mat..

zaza..ikan tu kat jepun pun ada..ikut musim , buat belah belakang ala-ala cencaru sumbat sambal pun sedap..tapi kena careful sebab isi dia cam lembik sikit time nak belah tu..

selamat menyambut akhir ramadan..dan salam kenal

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mia: its hardy's fav!!

ainizakri: thanks for dropping by aini. now that you mentioned it.. ikan sumbat memang lah sedap! and you're right, bila nak belah ikan tu memang isi dia lembut! kat jepun apa nama ikan ni?

Anonymous said...


where got places such as pasar ramadhan pepagi buta nie...haiyaaa..about that ym thing, tunggu umah baru siap..baru bleh install pc and so on, lepaih tu kita ym puas2..ok?!

ps: i'm waiting for your next cooking - tempoyak based...heheheh

Ayong - Shah Alam

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

yong, jangan la ingat zaman zaman dulu! malu!! you know what? k.sally came for my wedding!!!