Saturday, 25 October 2008

-A Reason-

This was suppose to be yesterday's post but i cant seem to log on to blogger for some reason the whole day yesterday. and before i know it, it was already midnight! arrghh...

Anyway, as promised, here's another couple of cards i made earlier. i am so loving felt at the moment. its just so wintery, so snowy and so christmasy!

The second card is something i whipped up using scraps and leftovers. never, ever throw anything away if you're a crafter! i have a box full of scraps and a whole tin full of tiny bits and ends of ribbons. you can create a lot using just scraps! this is just one example!

I've had quite a good day today. and to top it off, tonight's X factor (the UK version of American Idol) was absolutely brilliant! if you have a few mins, go check them out on youtube, as tonight's big band night simply blew me away! the girls were amazing!! (watch alexandra, laura, diana, rachael and ruth's purple rain) and let me know who's your favourite!

I'm off to finish one card before i call it a day, a beautiful day in fact. everyone's tucked in.. i wish everyone a jolly good weekend!


makcik Marlin yg poyo said...

wah..kak za da start christmas fever ek?i tgh 2ngu boxing day ni..nak kirim kak fi brg...huhuhuhu..poyo kn i ni..

Aidan's mama & papa said...

cikinah, i'm not really a shopper, but yes, boxing day sale's the best! masok february march pon sale gila jugak! na nak apa?

ツSofiyaツ said...

hey this also nice cards that u've made....simple & nice....the colours also sweet