Wednesday, 29 October 2008

{Happy Birthday Fi}

We surprised my sister Fifi yesterday by turning up on her doorstep in Warwick yesterday! yes, we're now in the UK. we had quite a journey yesterday, the weather was lovely right through the M25, and then it snowed! it snowed and everything was white within minutes!!!

This is my second time working with Laura Ashely's papers and i absolutely love it! i love all their papers, and this one i incorporated it with MM's metal sign and some laces and trimmings. loved the simplicity!

We have the strongest bond. we have quite a relationship. we have a strong love and a really good friendship. 'Togetherness'- that's the best thing any sister could ever have.

Happy 36th Birthday Fi, i'm the luckiest sister in the world! May all your dreams come true! lets enjoy the day, together!

Love you loads,



shud said...

Happy Birthday to ur sister kak Zaza...
it's a blessing to have such a strong relationship wth one's sister..
i had my fair share of tht relationship wth my kakak..unlike u dpt gak buat surprise at her sis is also in ayoyoo laa nak g sana buat sarprise ;]
enjoy ur times togther kak coz i just had mine wth her last summer in swiss

shasha_zamlis said...

happy birthday fi.......called u yesterday but there was no answer. wishing u a year full of love, good health,wealth n happiness. love u, shasha....

Aidan's mama & papa said...

my dearest shud: on behalf of my fifi, thank you! any surprise would be lovely, but the best thing that sisters can have is the loving bond and a wonderful relationship, regardless where one is kan? how was your swiss trip with your sister? best tak? was it just the 2 of you? i hope there will be plenty more trips for you guys!!

k.shasha: k.sha, dia dah potong rambot pendek! dia nampak muda dari za tau! tapi kalau kira uban dia.... dia kalah! za lagi nampak muda! hehe.. love you! thank you so much!!!

nina said...

oh kat warwick rupanya.... patut la diam ja..thot tak sihat ka..
hv fun with da bday gal.. heheh..

Aidan's mama & papa said...

alhamdulillah semua sihaaaattt! kita dah balik holland dah!