Thursday, 23 October 2008

*Making Up*

This is for you lot who always pop by everyday to see what i've been doing. i know i havent been blogging lately, but today and tomorrow and over the weekend, i promise to blog and have at least a couple of cards to share.

Aidan and i went for our usual Thursday walk to the lake to feed the ducks. weather's quite nice, getting colder but at least the sun's out! we love our usual walk. we talked and sang as we walked (his favourite malay song is no longer burung kakak tua, but gelang sipaku gelang! thanks to Hardy!) I often thought to myself, what would i do if i'm not here living the life that i'm currently living. i have been trully blessed.

One of the things that my parents always stress out whenever we're together enjoying our days, just like today was to always be thankful. today, i am thankful for the clean air that we breathe, thankful for the opportunity, yet another day to get to be with my son, thankful for this beautiful weather, thankful for our home being close to the lake and the park, thank you for making us healthy again (Aidan just recovered from a fever), and last but not least, thankful for putting us here. 

And, thank YOU, for always listening, reading and commenting! ;) i'd better stop now...  can go on and on... 

As they say it here, tot morgen (till tomorrow!)

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