Wednesday, 15 October 2008

| Swamped & Joy |

Another beautiful autumn day today but ended with some drizzles and slight showers. i have been swamped with work lately. and i'm sure most of you'd agree that a housewife's job is never done. i am that type of person who'd make sure that everything's cleaned and in order before i could get my hands on to my other stuff i.e crafts.

I am not by all means complaining. i am so enjoying my life, being a mum, a wife, and i'm extremely happy to do such chores (in fact, any chores around the house!). lately, i am spending quality time with Aidan discovering new things with him and teaching what's around him (including doing the laundry and folding clothes!). i try my best to make sure everything's well balanced. i thank God for this opportunity to see him grow and the opportunity to make our house a home for both my boys. i am so loving it!

It is such a joy to be in my shoes! i wish every mother would feel the same way, if not, MORE! despite being swamped with housewife's chores and a mother's responsibilities, i am also swamped with orders! christmas is around the corner and i have a huge order of 30 cards by a good friend of mine. (she wanted 50! but i told her i dont think i can cope with 50 by the end of this month!). she asked for it in june, and i only started doing her orders in between other's last week!

I'm rushing against time, especially to reply most mails. but i did manage to reply most comments in here! so for those who waited patiently, i thank you! let me know if i've missed anyone's. i have too many cards to share, but i just could not find the time to sit infront of the computer! will try harder, promise!

Anyway, now that the house is cleaned, clothes all washed and folded (but only some ironed), carpets been hoovered, toys all kept away and house all quiet with our son fast asleep, i shall now continue with work! 

So there you have it! i am swamped, but it's still a joy! 


.miss zaza. said...

im zaza too =)

nina said...

join the club.. tersangatla challenging .. but one thing that is diff between us is, i sometimes can cope with the mass and not do anything about it!! boleh ka? boleh la zaza kan, penat..hehehe...
but i make sure the house is clean after i pun johan to sleep... so no more mess until the next morning...

Aidan's mama & papa said...

here's a hello for miss zaza from zaza!

k.nina: my god, i sometimes wish i'm like that, but so lahhh cannot nya!! penat memang penat, but i still kenot see a benang on the floor, pinggan tak basoh.. tak boleh! and one thing about me is, i always make sure that we'll have dinner on time - 6.30! eh, k.nina dinner kol brapa?