Monday, 6 October 2008

A Modest One

Thank you so much for remembering us. those who called, texted and msged us. thank you. our raya was a simple, modest one. most importantly, we're thankful that we can be together, we're glad that we're happy and most importantly healthy! 

We received a few Raya cards and it sure did made our day! thank you so much! it was such a joy to be at the receiving end! you have no idea! i will surely reply to all of them!

It has been a long break indeed. i've been quite busy taking care of the family and our home. i havent stop crafting, no. just havent been infront of the computer, that's all. too much to share... but i shall try my best! we're off to Paris tomorrow, but i will try to blog from there, provided that there's an internet connection in our hotel room.

Anyway, i did this one slightly before Raya, for a very special person who captured our hearts from the first time we met him. he is one special person. by this i mean, even with one's status, one's ranking, one's job, what one has, he is one kind and modest soul. it is very rare to come across such a person, i should say!

How i wish he's our ambassador here in the Netherlands! :)

Anyway, how was everyone's Raya this year? i didnt manage to snap photos of what i cooked! it went straight to our tummies even before i could think of getting the camera!! hehe. we had kuah kacang, nasi impit and lodeh for Raya. first attempt, perhaps i was lucky!

I should get going. i have to sort our stuff to bring to Paris. entire house all cleaned. clothes washed and some ironed, son fast asleep, another beautiful day.. and here's to more beautiful days, every single day to all of us!

Good night you all,


Rozie said...

Hi Zaza, Selamat Hari Raya to you, Hardy and Aidan.... I had a great raya this year after 2 years not celebrating raya in Malaysia. Irfan had so much fun as he will be lining up for duit raya. And furthermore, he has been asking me to buy a new bicycle for him. Cantiknya your raya cards.!! Bilala i nak jadi creative like you?? Dengar cerita you masak, teringat masa i beraya di Brisbane.

Have fun in Paris.

Aidan's mama & papa said...

rozie: selamat hari raya to you too dear rozie. its good to hear most of you guys had the best raya back in malaysia. i'm sure irfan had the most fun! dah beli basikal belum?