Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Giveaway #1

My favourite Belgian lace.

Good morning sweets! gosh! its september! its coming to autumn and one thing i look forward to in september is Aidan's birthday! i've been enjoying him so much lately. we can really have a good conversation now (he speaks rojak - a combination of english, dutch and malay!) and our little converstations makes me smile full of pride and often leave me with a wonderful feeling at the end of the day. he's turning 3 this month and i've decided to share some sweet yummy cottony stuff with you followers of my blog and you guys who are on my Cotton*Candy Facebook page.

I'll be hosting 3 giveaways this month! YES! you read it right, THREE giveaways!

What you need to do is just simple! just leave me a comment here and provide me with these details and the first draw will be on the 7th september 2009. one lucky winner will receive all these sweet items.

Remember to write:
1. name as in your facebook/blog
2. a valid email address
and lastly, what or who inspires you?

Sweet eyelet charms, chipboard stickers and more laces!


12 pcs of 6x6 papers - 2 of each design

The whole lot of the 1st giveaway

These will be off to you all the way from our home in holland, as a token of appreciation and love!
Good luck guys, i'm off to fetch Aidan in a hours time. cant wait to show him what i got for him at the shops a while ago!

Good Luck!


Lydia Lee San San said...

Hi Zaza,

first of all, what a lovely blog :)

i'm Lydia (email: lydialeesansan@gmail.com).

i am always inspired by nature... especially sunsets and the beach :)

Ummi365 said...

Hi zaza,
I am not joining, but just to say I love your craft.. keep on crafting girl

zie said...

Hi sweet Zaza - mummy of Aidan,

I'm Zie - (e-mail sweetziez2112@yahoo.com/ azizah.mohd.ghani@my.pwc.com)

I love reading ur blog and u inspire me with your crafting. I have started crafting ever since. Eventhough I know I am still a beginner,at least now I started to make things for my friends, all by myself. No more buying cards, no more buying gifts, but it all came from my very own ideas and off course inspired by YOU!!!

Keep on updating Zaza - you're blog is my daily dosage.

p/s: Zaza, by the way, you have not informed me how much is the remaining amount that I need to bank in into ur bank account.

fara said...

hai kak zaza! i'm fara (faraismie@yahoo.com)..n i want to join the giveaway too!
i love nice, cute n pretty stuff..and get excited with colors..so most likely i am inspired by everything i saw and see..love to hangout at craft/scrapbooking shop and surfing onto craft blog/website..and of coz your blog and artwork!(love you cards so much!)
kipitdup!kipitdup!kipitdup kak zaza!

aRniNasiR said...

Hi zaza, thanks 4 e giveaway... I never win it b4, hope this will be my luck.

My sew/craft fever start since my hubby gave a sewing machine as Mother's day present for me. Since then I start to explore sew/craft online and learn something new everyday...

Love to see all ur hand art.. keep it up..

aRniNasiR at deemumtaz@yahoo.com

Nurain said...

Hi zaza,

I'm nurain (nurain@gasmalaysia.com)

I love reading your blog and I love laces and that is why I named my blog RendaCraft and collect them too!

My arwah mak was the very special person on earth that most inspired me eversince i started sewing and crafting at early teen age.. she taught me all about sewing...

Thank you for having me in your giveaway list..

I love your card designs so much...

anzed said...

gosh! time flies eh..can't believe our lil tots are gonna b 3 soon. iz may have a course in NL soon..so i tgh pujuk+++++++ nak itot hehehe.


Hi Zaza..

I love giveaway and i love craft !
Inspired by all creative crafters/bloggers out there..

Hope to win your giveaway !!


Zann said...

Hai Zaza..i love your craft, always wait for yr new update..I am joining the giveaway...can't stand to see the cute things in yr giveaway..
Email : zannhandmade@yahoo.com

HafiZaH AzMy said...

Hi Kak Z,

Fiza Azmi

Hello kak z,who inspired me? You of course! All this while,I was looking for the X factor of me. Since my sister is studying architecture and my brother is taking his landscape dip, i was wondering if i have any creative side in me.
After following your blog and every single creative ideas of yours,I told my self to give it a try.
When i'm doing my cards,that is the only moment that make me feel like my self. I think, every single cards that i made will turn up beautifully only if i do it sincerely. I can never thank you enough for being such an inspiration..