Friday, 4 September 2009


My son and i have enjoyed our thursday outing yesterday.. we went to a pet shop and saw some gorgeous rabbits and hamsters. we then did our groceries and return a few plastic bottles, we bought some books, cars and a tractor at the toy shop. we took our time to stroll... i'm just loving my time with him! i love ending our days with the 3 of us on the bed reading stories, recalling what happened during the day and plan what we're
going to do the next morning! pure bliss!

He is at playschool now, and i have a little bit of time to myself till lunch time. i'm busy helping a friend who just recently opened a shop. she's giving away gifts and gift vouchers for her shop and i need to help her decorate the gifts! a hundred boxes of them!

It was the launching of her new shop last week and i brought flowers and made her this card. a true friend is my most priceless treasure indeed. i'm glad a have a few good 'treasures'!

I love reading the comments for the the giveaway. you girls are the sweetest! i will let you know what and/or who inspires me when i announce the winner. i've got a whole bunch of them!! its still not too late to enter the giveaway, just hop by here. (you know what, i wish i can give all of you a little something!!)

Its almost the weekend, any plans yet girls? i'm off to the market with my boys tomorrow to get some fresh flowers for our home and hopefully will craft some baby stuff this weekend. whatever it is that you plan to do, smile and have a lovely time (yes, even when you do your chores! smile! you'll enjoy them more!)

Love always,


sam said...

This is beautiful Hun. I have another reason for popping by - I have a little something for you on my blog and I'm so glad you have such a wonderful time with Aidan. Make the most of it as they grow up soooo fast.
Take care
sam x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Zaza. I like your blog

Aidan's mama & papa said...

sam: hey sunshine!! thank you for the award! what do i do with it?! i have no idea! but thanks a bunch!! gosh sam, they do grow up fast! he's turning 3 in a couple of weeks!! xoxox

anonymous: thank you!!