Monday, 14 September 2009

September Giveaway #2

A week from today, Aidan will turn 3. i cant begin to tell you how much i adore him and how blessed Hardy and i are to see him grow right infront of our eyes. everyday he learns something new. everyday, he'll come up with witty chatty lines, and everyday we learn something new about him. i am ever so grateful and thankful for this blessing and opportunity..

As promised, i'm giving out some beautiful stuff to mark Aidan's 3rd birthday this month. so here are some yummy baby stickers, chipboards, papers, rub ons, tags, laces, metal charms and embellishments.

What you need to do is just simply:
1. write a comment in here
2. include your name and email address
3. spread a word about this giveaway on your blog (if you have one) OR if you dont have a blog, be sure to be a follower on either my facebook page or this blog.
and lastly, for me to get to know you better,
4. what is/are your favourite childhood memory/ies.

The second draw will be on Aidan's birthday 21st September.

The whole lot of september giveaway #2

I know i kept saying this, but i am so behind in replying emails, msgs on facebook and sending out bills. to those who have emailed me with questions and orders, i'd appreciate it if you could email me again and i will reply right away. my inbox is just swamped with msgs! bear with me please..

Good Luck, have a wonderful week ahead!
With much love,


msdaisy said...

Hi Zaza.

What a lovely blog u have and lovely giveaway too..

To Aidan, Happy Birthday yach. And Selamat Hari Raya .. hehe


1) Comment - done
2) I'm Izyan (
3) Blog about giveaway - done.
4) Fav childhood memory - My first school day. Hehe..

Hope to win your giveaway.. :)

sue said...

Hi zaza,

Love your sweet blog and lovely work of art.

I have a girl celebrating birthday in September too.

To do :

1. write a comment in here - done
2. include your name and email address - i'm sue (
3. spread a word about this giveaway on your blog - done
4. what is/are your favourite childhood memory/ies. - when i'm with my imaginary fren ... ngeeee

Anonymous said...

olla kak zaza.

salam perkenalan. first time bukak ur blog , trus berkenan kat ur items. comey comey && very gorgoeus ! i want to be like u. serius i want. ;))

so da alang2 jejak kaki kt blog akk ,ape kate syai join jer giveaway ni. ;) menarek !

so ;

** 1. done
** 2. name ; syai ,
** 3. done (be ur followers && fan. ;) )
** 4. memories ;-
; makan nasi ngn sardin kicap dalam kelas depan cikgu. satu klas berbau.
; selalu bawa balek pencil warne pihak taska , smpai cegu naek penin mane hilang yer pencil2 dorg. ;))

nor rosmaria zainol said...

hai zaza..salam lebaran..dah x lama nak raya ye...

Untuk si kecik Aidan selamat hari lahir ye..dan selamat hari raya..(kutip duit raya byk2 ye nanti..) hehhehe...

Zaza..nice n sweet blog u have...and of course those giveaway stuff that u will give it..sukanya..dgn semua tu comel2..bestnye kalau dpt..hehehhe

1) comment-done
2)i,m ros(
3)blog about giveaway-done
4) fav childhood memory...suka masa pi umah long dan digelar si debab yang paling comel sebab suka pakai lipstik merah terang yg warna hijau tu..hu3


Creative B Bee said...

Wow! What a lovely giveaway!!!
Selamat Hari Raya!

Wan Anis Sorfina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wan Anis Sorfina said...

hi, hope not too late to join!
my name is Wan Anis Sorfina, just call me wan

please check my blogpost yaaa ~

my email clackhanger@yahoo.con

My unforgettable childhood memory is
I used RM50 (that's is pretty much of money to a 10 years old girl that time) my father gave me to buy a tamagotchi @ cyber pet haha.. My father was so angry, and I cried in the car and said I'll pay back the money lor. My father said, he didn't want the money! He just want me to be honest and make use of the money properly. Today, I'm a mother and understand much better that I shouldn't pamper my daughter too much with unreasonable things ~

Sherry said...

hi Zara :)

September so special :)

I did
1. done
2. sherrygo at hotmail dot com
3. blogged
4. selling flowers with my mom, she was a florist that time.

fara said...

kak zaza..can i still join the giveaway??
fara da letak about the giveaway on my blog last lupe plak nak comment!
in case still berpeluang:
- i'm fara (
- fav childhood memory: bejalan beraye besame adik2 wat collection =P~~

AziE-rAh said...

kak zaza..
Can i still join the giveaway??
Azie dah siapkan entry about this giveaway kat blog..
Hope still berpeluang...

- i'm Azie (
- fav childhood memory: kemeriahan menyambut raya pada zaman kanak2 yg tak dpt dicari skrg.. Balik kg menaiki keretapi... Best nyer...

Hope ada peluang nak menang...

zai kulim said...



1) Comment - done
3) Blog about giveaway - done.
4) Fav childhood memory -pernah kena parang kat kepala.sewaktu bermain dgn abg..kena jahit 6jarum gak..sampai sekrg ada parutnyer dan tak naik rambut plak kat tempat jahit tu...nasib rambut lebat kalau tak pasti dah nampak jelas kebotakakanku..kahh..kahh..kahh

Hope to win your giveaway.. :)

juniza said...

kak zaza..
Can i still join the giveaway??
JU dah siapkan entry about this giveaway kat blog..
Hope still berpeluang...

- i'm Juniza(
- fav childhood memory:bila beraya pusing satu kg kutip duit raya.kdg2 sampai kemlm.tak malu pun nak duit raya..kahh.kah kalau sekrg kasi duit raya kat budak2 ler plak..

Hope ada peluang nak menang...

@wE said...

omg. aidan's bday is the same with mine!

hehe. sweet lil boy. pray tat u will grow into a strong yet nice man.

Anonymous said...

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