Monday, 7 September 2009

.. and the LUCKY winner is..

Good morning girls! i woke up today and cant wait for Aidan to pick a winner for our giveaway! he finished his glass of milk and cornflakes and later had a slice of bread and right after he was done with breakfast, i asked him to pick one circle as our winner!Thanks ever so much for participating! i'm now compiling stuff for the second giveaway soon! thanks for letting me know a little bit more about you girls.. it has made me smile indeed!

Almost everything inspire me- from fabrics to music, fresh flowers to gardens... i buy magazines and admire all the home furnishings and interiors. shop windows and displays... and the internet too is my source of inspiration but if you really must know, currently its music! i sometimes sit down with everything around me not knowing how to start, what to do, but once i have my music on, then everything will then flow! the range is from country to rock! french to jazz- (dixie chics to kings of leon, carla bruni to billy taylor) i know!! what a range! all depends on my mood (and the season too! i'd normally put a fast song during winter and a jazzy one in the spring!) i just have to have a background music when i craft.

What about you? what kind of music do you like? do you craft with the music on too?

Anyway... thought i'd share another today. here's a card i made for a friend who welcomed us to her home in Dubai last summer. she bakes cute cupcakes! we had a wonderful time in Dubai even with the temp. of 47c!!

Thanking you for stopping by today! do hop by again for my 2nd and 3rd giveaway! you might be the lucky one!

And the lucky one for September's giveaway #1 is...


Congratulations Nurain!! will be in touch to get your address! enjoy them!

Many thanks girls, and much love,


maz said...

hi zaza, selamat berpuasa...

your crafts are superbly beautiful, love them!
btw, i emailed you on the bracelet thingy, still waiting for your respond...lemme ok dear?


Anonymous said...

zaza, i terlepas your giveaway lah. look fwd to the next one! yeyyyyy!
salam dari kl

Nurain said...

alhamdulillah... I won! I dah reply your e-mail..thanks zaza.