Monday, 8 September 2008

~ Just For Girls ~

I've just realized that i have tonnes of emails (and comments) to reply. no wonder i've been missing out on a lot! somehow they're all in my 'spam mail'. so to those who have emailed me and still waiting for my reply, please bear with me!

I got all worried when i havent heard from Aida.. she ordered 2 cards for both her adorable daughters Farhana and Fariha. i posted the cards before i left for Czech and the girls birthday bash was last week. i got all worried... until today.. when i checked my spam mails!

Farhana turned 7, and she LOVES pink and strwarberries! anything strawberries! so i did this one for her. sewed some white beads on the paper and tied a red polka dot ribbon on the stem. Aida wanted to put a photo inside the card and so i added a frame.

Farhana's cute little sister, Fariha turned 5. she loves butterflies, flowers and all other sweet things (so do i!)... and so i did this one for her.

I did a pocket and added a tag and wrote her initials infront of the card. scattered some butterflies, small and big and used everything pastel... oh! and a dragonfly too!

Pure sweetness!

Happy Birthday Girls! Wish i could join the Limbo! (Thank you Aida, for trusting me!)



Everyone, just to let you know, I am announcing something soon.... very soon!


Laracroft74 said...

me too.. i got so worried coz i've been sending a few emails but have not received any reply..i feel so bad coz I've received the cards but haven't paid the $$$ hopefully u have seen my mail by now..thanks so much zaza..the cards are so pretty and lovely..i really really like it...

btw..i'm sooo looking forward for your announcement...i'm sure everyone of us are so excited to hear the good news...

mak chu afi yg sengal said...

cumel la card yg butterfwy 2..mcm nak makan..

Anonymous said...

ohh..cantiknya the cards..and my eldest daughter loves pink too..u jual card2 tu eh? in future boleh lah i order..
Apalah agaknya announcement tu eh?


Milkberry said...

OMG hands down i am in love with the gingham and strawberry! Comellll!!

Rozie said...

zaza, my email address : Looking forward to receive your mail.

Ranee said...

Your announcement!!! Let me guess. I love guessing. You're going to have a baby right. Yeah! Babies are such wonderful blessings aren't they.
Let me be the first to congratulate you! Congratulations!
Did I guess right Zaza?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

aida: please dont feel bad. the most important thing is that you've received them and you girls liked them!! that makes me SO happy and relieved!! my pleasure aida.. you've been amazing to work with!!!

mak chu sengal: nampak sah puasa ni taking a toll on you.. lapo eh sampai nak makan card!!

seri: yes i do sell most of my cards. the person who ordered these helped a lot by mentioning what her girls liked. and the rest she left it to me!
and how doesnt love pink!!! how old is your eldest daughter? how many do you have?

kiki: you know that gingham tu is a tiny weeny oven gloves for kids! i just had to have it! tak tau lah nak buat apa, beli je! how are you my dear?

rozie: i got your email, and now i've got you on fb!!! we will be in touch k!!

ranee: you make me smile and smile and smile.... wait!! will announce soon!! lots of best wishes to you!!