Sunday, 14 September 2008

A quickie!

I am down. down with a bug. sorry for being quiet for the past couple of days. i havent been cooking (but i have been secretly finishing up crafting!). Dad's been an angel in the kitchen and cooked some serious meals for us lately!

There's a lot to share but i'm too bugged to be digging up the photos, and so i thought i'd share this little tip with you.. just a quickie...

Yes i do use ready made sauces, rarely but when you have an active (almost) 2 year old boy, i'd tend to cut my hours in the kitchen shorter. one of the ready made sauces i have in the kitchen is Adabi's perencah mee hoon. and let me let you in in a little secret. i add a can of tuna in my meehoon! 

My neighbours loved them, and so did everyone else!

There you go, try it! serve with eggs, fried onions and shreaded salad leaves (a whole leaf would be nicer for presentation!)

Hope i'll feel much better tomorrow so that i can share more! gosh i hope your weekend's way better than mine!! will reply comments soon.. till my next post!

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