Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Findings in Czech

We're back! i think in total we have travelled more than 3000kms, and took more than 1000 photographs! what a holiday! We stayed at the Southern Bohemia Region in Czech and travelled to Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia.

I am always on the lookout for local crafts and little little things that catches my eyes. that part of Czech where we stayed is most famous for its semi precious stones and porcelain. mum and i went absolutely crazy over the stones. (she knows more than i do, i just love their colours! she'll probably make better use of the them than i will! - i'm just gonna display them in a clear bowl!) We went to the same shop 3 times!!! we went mad!

I opted to buy these cute porcelain buttons instead of a Bohemian bowl (which is SO not me!). I have buckets and buckets full of buttons, but these will remain my favourite for now!

I was missing my ribbons and my papers so so much. almost 10 days without them! and as soon as i went into their haberdashary shops, i headed straight towards their ribbon section! if you're a craftaholic like me, your trip to Czech wouldnt be complete without at least a meter (or more) of Czech laces, threads and such!

I had a wonderful time... hope you guys been keeping yourselves well!


Anonymous said...

Oooh lovely lovely stones. Have been waiting for your updates patiently! Hope all is well in Sittard.


Anonymous said...

Cantikkkkkk nyyyeeerrrr......... I'm sure your mum has loads of ideas already running through her at the moment. Hopefully will get to see some crafts from u that are "Czech" inspired soon!.....Selamat berpuasa n glad all of u had a smashing time.
Loves, Kak Shasha

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tw: you know what, i thought of you so much for the past week. dok pikir how you're doing and wondering if you've started shopping! will visit you soon (kat blog), promise, i just havent had the time, so busy but that doesnt mean i've forgotten all about you k!! take good care, lots of love!

k.shasha: thank youuuu... czech inspired got one card i made for mak. she bought me this box i fell in love with. dia tak cakap dia beli kan i, balik rumah baru dia letak atas meja! i'll post on it soon k?

lots of love to you.. thanks for always popping by to 'see' us k.sha...