Tuesday, 9 September 2008

On Aidan's Wall

Aidan had a good day at playschool today and he is now napping. i've just finished all my Hari Raya cards (will get shots of them later) and now preparing myself for Aidan's 2nd birthday this 21st. i'm gonna make some favours for all his friends at school and i'm gonna give a small gift to all the carers, bake some cookies for the kids and a cake for us.

Speaking about Aidan, here's a little project i did for his room - a wall deco.

Eversince he was in my tummy, i could picture the things i'd do for his room. and this was one of them! i used some blank canvas and added textures on them, creating his name.

I ate a lot of ice lollies when i was carrying him 2 years ago (my favourite was this one called raket - ais krim roket in malay!!) you know... the one with red, green and yellow!! anyway.. just to be reminded of that, and that one hot long summer aidan was inside of me, i used some ice cream sticks for this one.

I am so loving fabrics these days and used some dark blue denim for 'i' and frilled the edges. and since i have tonnes of papers and buttons, i used them both for the next 'a' (this was my favourite!).

and as for the 'd' i used some soft frilly thing (wired) - sorry i dont know what its called, i got at the craft section at one of the shops. and last but not least, i painted the 'n' using some acrylic olive paint.

And there we have it... A-i-d-a-n... in all textures - wood, fabric, wired frilly thing, paper and paint! good for his sensory!!

I must go now.. have to make use of my 'free' time as aidan's still napping... have to shoot those raya cards... till my next post!

the announcement will be soon... promise! (am i killing you with the suspense yet or not!?!)


farah said...

wahh only 1 years old and already aidan dah ada personalised wall deco!! lucky aidan ada hardworking & creative mama! :)

mak chu aymil yg sangap said...

aidan is turning 2 already??cepatnye..hai..kite ni semakin tua..halalalaalalala...

Laracroft74 said...

you're such a creative person...so lucky aidan to have a lovely and wonderful mommy like you...
btw..have you got my email..
hhhmmm.. i think i know what announcement you gonna make...aidan's going to have a little bro/sis soon... ;-))

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

farah: aidan's turning 2! you know, when i was carrying him, i wanted to do up his room into one hellava room.. but then the constructor died, and we were behind time.. tak dapat buat apa pon. we had only the basic stuff. so now.. i'm gonna do it bit by bit and hopefully he'll like it!

mak chu zaza ngan kerekok: eh, never say old tau!! you dont age what..... just look at you!

aida: and the girls are so lucky to have a loving mum like you!!!! yes i did get your email, tak ada masa je nak reply but will do so soon k!

rina said...

cantiklah the wall deco tu. agak2 kalau i nak jugak... how much u charge for it ek...

do email me kat intan@misteel.com.my.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rina: kalau you dok sebelah rumah memang lah murah. tak payah bayar postage. heheh... i will email you the quote k...

Ranee said...

Zaza, Hi, I was thinking, perhaps the next time there is a hobbybeurs in your area, you might want to check it out. If you are interested, maybe yr mom and you can rent a table and put your precious things for sale.
There are women in holland who do crafting for a whole year and bring their crafted items to sell that one time or two.
How about an online shop, a simple one. You can even use a simple blog, put the items up and the price and the contact. Ever thought about it?
Just a thought Za.

Ranee said...

The rent of the stalls/stalls could be between 60 to 70 euros. Oh well.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ranee: you're such a sweetheart you know that?! you're so thoughtful of others. i've thought about putting them up online. but there's not quite a lot of genuine buyers out there (if you know what i mean). i thought of putting them up on ebay and etsy (i think this is the best option).. but i just havent had the time yet (i wonder when i will have time!). i've started a blog with all the pricing but then it got to half way and i just dont have the time to update it anymore!

i thought of having a dot com website (not blogger), but it requires settings and updating and such which i dont have the skill for.

what i have now is just another blog (under the same profile - you can click at my profile and see the other one called 'honeypot'. i put all the things that i want to sell there, with the prices. but anything you see on the crafts and cooks blog is up for sale too!

ranee, where are you? are you here in nl too (i wish you are!). if you happen to be down in limburg, do let me know ya.

i've been to hobbyfairs, havent really thought about selling it there to be honest. i dont know where to start and how to go about it! you're such a gem, coming back to me with the price. it is affordable!!

are you into anything?

looking forward to your reply. lots of love and best wishes always,

Ranee said...

Hi Za,
Thanks for yr kind words, you are the gem here. I see a genuine, non pretentious person in you. I wish more women were like you.

Anyway, I surfed and came with this page for starters,
There are different types of markts for different areas in holland. You can find some in Limburg. Click on the type of markt and it will direct you to the organisor. You can call or write a email to them enquiring about renting a table.
I see a kermis coming soon to yr place. I don't know what sort of things are being sold in the kermis, never been to one. If you have seen anyone selling your type of things (kaarten (cards) and sieraden (jewelry), you could try too.
This is one organisor.
Don't worry about speaking in english or even writing them in english. Most dutch understand that when you are new to the country, you're not expected to learn their language so fast.

Note: Some hobbybeurs don't allow kaarten and sieraden. So, you need to read the fine letters.

The next time you happen to go to a braderie or herfstmarkt keep a look out for the organising team or just ask one of the sellers who they rent their table from.
When I find more organisors of braderies in your location, I will keep you posted.
Good Luck on your Etsy and Ebay!

Ranee said...

Hi Za,
Sorry, that I am writing in the comments on this entry.

Ok, looks like there are two organisors in yr area, am not familiar with yr places.


I am so excited for you. All the best.
I hope you will delete the comments by me because it had nothing to do with yr subject of *Aidan's wall*. sorry.

Octavia said...

Good for people to know.