Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Yummylicious Wall Deco

I told my dear husband that i'd like to have the basement to display most of the things i make and collect. i'd like to keep my craftroom strictly as a studio where i'll be working and the rest of the house strictly as 'lived in' as possible. 

He and Dad then jumped to the idea and get straight to business!! they are more excited than i am! the basement is just a tiny space that we currently have, unused and in very rustic and raw (i dont know how else to describe it!). it needs lots and lots of work, painting and covering up those pipes!

Quite recently, on my hunt for some collectables for the basement, i stumbled upon this really old looking (but new) key hanger. the company that made this has a line of beautiful home deco, all vintage and rustic looking. i think they are adorable!! of course, it came with a price (yikes!) and since i've been quite good this month, i decided to treat myself to it! 

I told myself that i cant be spending that much on a wooden plank. i can make my own wall deco for the basement. well, nothing close but at least it's handmade! 

I have this picture in my head as to how i want the basement to be. with lots of junks, repaired junks, with shabby fabrics, with lots of second hand display furniture i can get at the market.... gosh!! tonnes of ideas!! and these 2 sweet yummy wall decoration to hang!

If you'd like them, i can make one for you to hang as well!! it gives me toothache just by looking at them! hehe...

Till next time guys, love and best wishes always,

(p.s: i am currently cleaning up my craftroom and those tins that you see in the last picture, well, i intend to sell some of it! will snap proper photos and let you know)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty, Za! Can't wait to see your revamped basement. I'm sure it will turn out fabulous! I'm interested to see the tins, please post soon!

P.S. if I remember correctly, isn't it three days til the prince's birthday? I'm sure there'll be lots of pics! :o)

Salam to your parents.


Aidan's mama & papa said...

thank you! now nak kena think of flooring and gonna have to paint the stairs! wish me luck!