Sunday, 23 November 2008


This is our second day waking up with white covered grass and trees, snow covered cars and roofs... it's freeeezzzingggg!! but i love it! christmas markets are all on and we think we might go to a few this year since we missed them last year. we heard and read that the Dusseldorf one's pretty awesome! lucky it's just 45 mins away from here!

We have a lake near our home. and if it gets really REALLY cold, the whole lake will be frozen and there will be people scating on the ice! it's so much fun (and scarry) to watch! will dig up a photo of last year and add it in here later when i have the time! remind me if you must!

This is just gonna be a short one from me. i'm off in a bit for some quality family time with the boys. its sunday!!!

Oh, since i mentioned short, did i mention to you that i went to the kapper (hairdressers) and had it cut really short? yep. short! hardy came home and said "theres a schoolgirl in my house!!". hahaha.. i take that as a compliment!

Enjoy your sunday everybody! have a good week ahead. will be posting more yummy stuff at My Honeypot and more a cooking post here soon!


zuraida said...

zaza.. tiba2 je rasa cam, i miss you so much!!! take care. bila nak balik malaysia ni????

Laracroft74 said...

woww..trees and grass covered with snow...nice scenery!!! eh, tunjukla your new hair style...i'm sure you look 10 years younger!!!

Rose said...

Hi Zaza! How is life?? Drop by to see some xmas inspiration. Need to think of something for the xmas! hahaha!

Oh, u cut ur hair? Sure make u look younger

RoZie.Hamid said...

Zaza, u dapat tak my email ?


Anonymous said...

zaza check your email pls