Thursday, 13 November 2008

~Stars and Snow~

Its getting darker as i type. winter is here, it's 4 and it will get dark by 5. and by 6 or so we can get to see the stars! but no, no snow.. it's not snowing yet! we're still in our 10c and sometimes 13c. still cold!

I've been playing and seeing too many stars and making too many snowflakes lately! still on my christmas stuff. i will only stop probably on christmas eve! not that i'll be celebrating anyway! 

Some felt ornaments i made last week. i love the fact that the bells jingle everytime i carry them here and there! Aidan loves them and cant stop pulling them! i had to say please at least twice for him to let them go!

I am loving the fact that it's almost the end of the year. simply because the sale starts after christmas! but to resist the temptation to shop is another thing! i am not really a shopper, i'm more of a browser, and i love to look for bargains and i love going to markets! but anything's on sale is definitely good for me! but on the other hand, where did 2008 go?! it went by so fast! am i the only one who's feeling it?!

Here's a card i made last night. i thought i might give light blue and red a go. probably the two colours i've work with the least. i've underestimate them both! i should be more adventurous with my choice of colours next time!

Be happy and merry everyone!


Maz said...

Hi Zaza - greetings from NY! The ornaments look great. And the card as always is one of a kind. I was using red and blue 2 nights ago too but much darker blue. They work pretty well. Last night I used white glittery papers, medium blue snow flakes and dark blue ribbon. It turned out really well and made me wish that it was snowing outside. But I am not ready for snow yet.... :) Take care.

ツSofiyaツ said...

cool & nice....very creative indeed! wah! really talented lah u Zaza. wish i hv your talent too...hehehe

Aidan's mama & papa said...

thank you maz! how's the weather in NY? is it freezing yet? we might be getting some snow this saturday till the whole week of next week! i'm gonna rush of to buy aidan's wellies. bought him 3 pairs dah, all within the last 5 months. dah tak muat! have to get new ones!

how cold can it be in NY??

i'm sure your blue and red card looks beautiful!! we'll be in touch k! thanks for the email.. will have to make a point to reply them very soon! there's a lot to share! you take good care too my dear!

sofiya: thank you! i'm sure you can do as well! ;)

Maz said...

We were at freezing point the last few mornings and the wind doesn't help either. Some parts in northern NY got 2 feet of snow 2 days ago. Too early for snow! We can get down to minus 20 F during bad winter but usually in the teens and single digit. Brrr....
You know I had to google the meaning of wellies!! We refer them as rain boots here in the states - very original! Hope you got cute pairs for Aidan.

Stay warm!