Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Vintage & Black

To be honest, i havent been in the mood to blog lately.. everything's fine... we're all doing good, Hardy's back from Portugal, Aidan's well.. its just one of those days... I've been planning on the basement and busy keeping everything else well balanced - chores, hobbies, bringing up a son, family time etc. if you know what i mean... the basement looks wonderful! all my stuff are still on the floor! it's getting exciting!

I must thank each one of you for leaving me a word or two and the response towards My Honeypot's been wonderful! i will be adding more from time to time so be sure to check them out! 

And thanks to this blog, i've made a few new friends! its always wonderful to get to know new people, their likes, their crafts and their lives, wherever they are! isnt it wonderful to share?!

Anyway, a couple of wooden plaques with vintage laces for my basement. just one of the few things i've made for a spot downstairs where i'll be storing my stuff. i just love the vintage look! i still can make a couple more if anyone's interested... we can hang them at the door, put them against the wall on your shelves, hang them on your frames (like how i did it in the photo)... put them anywhere!

And here's a card i made last night. whipped this one out before i snuggle both Hardy and the duvet to bed. less is more sometimes, dont you think?

And just incase if you're wondering, 'Prettige Kerstdagen' means Merry Christmas in dutch!

Will share some bright coloured cards after this! thanks for hopping by!


Milkberry said...

haro miss zaza!!!
I hope you don't mind but I tagged you! You don't have to do it if you don't want to okies? Wheee~

ummi365 said...

Hi zaza,

something different from the ones that you normally do.. very classic and beautiful..yes less of for more.

zuraida said...

zaza.. cantik!! You are full with ideas & creative!

Ranee said...

Hi Zaza,
Very creative indeed! Love them all. Hey Za, I have some strawflowers drying and I have no idea what I want to do them. Would you like to have them. I have in white, yellow and pink. I'll post to you if you want them. Will be my pleasure. Coming spring I am going to plant more of these plants. The flowers are a picture of loveliness.
Take care and stay warm,

ツSofiyaツ said...

Zaza, cantik jugak your vintage & black craft. Cool!!!