Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Christmas is definitely in the air! i can smell it almost everywhere! we were in Stratford last week, while in the UK and they've already put up the lights on the high street. shops are playing christmas songs, decorations all up for sale! it's glorious! my oh my.. it's already end of the year! can you believe it!?

Anyway, just thought i'd share this with you. made a few cards using the traditional colours - dark green and maroon. i love the simplicity of it all. its always wonderful working with felt! the snowflakes makes it all wintery and snowy!

Here's a couple more! dont just just love the white trimmings at the sides? thanks to the best herbadashary supplier of mine, Harry on Sonja who carries beautiful gorgeous stuff every week!

That's it from me for today! i promise i will be posting a cooking post next! i managed to cook this really nice curry dish, and i'm very excited to share the recipe! oh, and the announcemnt! i almost forgot! so stay tuned!


Milkberry said...

omg comelnya the snowflake!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Za, beautiful as always. Love the felt too. Been making felt cupcakes lately, wish I could share with you :o) Christmas Season in the UK was always the best! I loooove the festive atmosphere and the famously "cold-as-the-weather" British would all become warm and friendly! :o)


Anonymous said...

beautiful :) what more can i say!

Nina said...

Za, wats with your announcement??? U keep forgetting and making us even more curious. Hehehe... Anyway, take k dear!

Laracroft74 said...

the maroon and green card are really nice and very the traditional!!..btw i just had chic curry for dinner...can't wait for your recipe!!!

Aidan's mama & papa said...

kiki: tak secomel all your treassured things in your collection!

k.dura: thank you. my cupcake collection's getting bigger and bigger now, i am going insane with all the cupcake stuff! yep, christmas is probably the best time throughout the year, best time to shop!!!

anonymous: thank youuuuu!

nina: no i am not pregnant!!! hahha..

laracroft: lama tak makan chicken curry. we now cook very simple dishes since aidan now eats what we eat. we mostly have fritatas, wraps, pasta and poatoes.. nasi dah jarang! this weekend we're gonna have something a little bit elaborate lah! have a great weekend guys!!

London a Treu Destination away from Cape Town said...

hi babes
i guess u were so busy while in uk Id love to See youo and meet your family where u in stratford upon Avon or london Stratford

missing you loads

All my love abbey

London a Treu Destination away from Cape Town said...

pleas email me ur pay pal i would like to order some beautiful cards for when mum flies back to Cape town early next month pl pl talk soon