Monday, 3 November 2008

-Sweet Sofea's Hanging Board-

It's amazing what the internet can do! it simply connects people! i managed to 'bump into' an old friend early last month. we go way back to uni days, some good 14 years ago! its been really good catching up with him. he has a beautiful family, with 2 beautiful girls.

He then asked me to make his younger daughter, Sofea a card for her 5th birthday. i decided to make something else - a hanging board to hang in her room. i added two tiny little cutest pegs so that they can change the photo or whatever note Sofea wishes to hang.

From the pictures her daddy showed me, Sofea's such a sweetheart. she's really talented, incredibly sweet and a charm that can melt each heart! i'm gonna look out for her in catalogues and brochures when i'm next in the UK!

I simply love making girly stuff! they are so much fun! thank you Azam! its been great catching up! lots of love to all of you in Reading!


ツSofiyaツ said...

Hai Zaza, nice ah your hanging board...give me an idea to modify for my kittens hanging board. Did it yesterday but juz a simple one.

TEE said...

Hi ZaZa,
I try to find ur email add in ur blog seems can't find it. Anyways I do want to ask you if you do wedding card, wedding favor box with card or anything that involved wedding. Plz email me back yeah with the prices and all the things that I need to know yea...

Aidan's mama & papa said...

sofiya: your kittens have their own boards?! woweeee!! lucky cats!

tee: hi! thanks for hopping by, my email address is actually at the profile page, i should have written it down on the actual blog page, sorry about that! it's

can you let me know on the details and the specifics so that i can have a rough idea on what you would like. and the quantities as well! oh, and how soon do you want them? thanks a bunch tee! (i love girls aloud's latest single too!!) :)

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