Friday, 2 November 2007

My Unsuccessful Blue Icing

Ok, dont laugh... this was actually my first attempt making icing (sad.. i know). I've come accross so so many blogs and fotopages with beautiful cupcakes decoration - soft icing, hard icing etc. i've been told by Nina (whom i havent met but would love to one day) that K.Muna does beautiful icing (which is no surprise to me since she's really a pro). she could probably cook single handedly, or when her eyes are shut and still i wouldnt be surprised! another baker who loves decorating and good at it as a friend of mine, Dayat (where's your bloglink la makcik). and not forgetting Wiz, who has been leaving comments on my blog, she's really good in decorating as well! and zara & zaria's mama, who once asked me if i could teach her do icing, well, here's the answer! i think you're way advanced than me! and last but not least, yaya for commenting i should try doing cupcakes in the last post. this entry proves that i suck! big time! i envy you bunch who can really decorate your cakes!

My brother in law's mum does wedding cakes and she's got real talent for this. they did our wedding cake and it was beautiful! i was told by my mum that my grandmother too, once upon a time, makes beautiful, good icing. why oh why didnt i follow her footsteps (the icing bit).

I am beginning to feel that i am useless at this. it was suppose to be a simple icing but it turned up to be 'slimy', perhaps its too soft, too much butter, i dunno... perhaps blue is not a good colour for icing? (yea right, blame it on the colour!)

I'm putting up these pictures (shamelessly) simply to share with you lot. no point putting up the recipe! coming soon : my trial icing session!

Have a good weekend everyone! i shall keep on trying...


Wiz said...

AAh, Zaza, your cupcake looks delicious! Who cares how it looks, the most important thing is how it tastes like. And judging from the consistency of the icing, it would surely tastes heavenly. I don't think it looks bad at all, in fact it looks so inviting. Give yourself some time, I bet you would be better at this than me!

I Cook4Fun said...

Zaza, don't be so hard on yourself. This is your first time making icing and to me that is really good. It will get better. Most important it taste good.

dayatss said...

za dont give up..there's loads of icing/frosting recipe out there.. buttercream.. ganache.. italian meringue icing.. Pillsbury la menda la.. try it luv... u are handy n creative.. im sure u can pull it off..

buat icing ni mmg leceh..practice makes perfect.. aku ni dah lame tak practice.. i.e ke dapur.. ha ha.. pisau pun dah tumpul..

takpe..nanti kite buat business together. mcm Sprinkles! tu.. hehe verangan je laa..

zara's mama said...

Mine was ready made (just rolled and cut).. yours is from scratch..

I think it looks pretty good..


dayatss said...

link ?? erk.. what link ... heheh.. nanti la za.. 'umah' dah lame tutuppppp... :P

Adam Mutum said...

They still look great here.

Rita Ho said...

Hmmm ... I don't know, Zaza. That cupcake looks elegant with its umbrella and so tempting! Unsuccessful isn't the right description. I'll eat it any day!

Anonymous said...

How can you say tak jadi? Looks so delish. If you dowan, post it over ok. I'd actually prefer soft icing to be honest, I belive the soft yummy texture will go well with the cake!


Lollies said...

i think it looks great and soon you will be able to do it with both eyes closed as well

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

wiz: i dont quite like the look! its not pretty like yours! in fact i didnt have a clue to what i was doing, just hentam and hoping it'd turn out nice! mana boleh kan? to cover the 'messy' icing, i add a tiny cocktail umbrella. tak la nampak teruk sangat!

gert: gosh i wish i can bake like you! but i suppose you're right, my first time, dont know when la can get to your stage! ;)

dayat: i have real admiration for those who can really bake and decorate well. after my 1st attempt, i now know how difficult it is to keep your hands steady! gi asah balik pisau!! rumah bila dah tutup boleh bukak balik la yat!

zara&zaria's mama: i think i might as well use the ready mades la... when are you gonna do another cupcake?

adam: the best thing when you did a mistake with these sort of thing is you can cover it up with a cute little cocktail umbrella! hehe..

rita: as always, you're too kind with ALL your comments! the best thing is, when the icing fails, all you have to do is have a look in your craft box and see what you can dress it with! hehe.. cheating!

tw: actually kan, come to think of it, you're right. soft icing goes better with any cake! hard icing you tend to push it to the end of the plate aja, they're way too sweet!

lollies: thank you my dear. you know what, kalau macam tu la rupa icing, everyone can do it with their eyes closed! hehe..