Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Take a Bow

I knew i had to improve on my cards. those two i did earlier were simply not enough for me. one was way too childish and the scrap card was way too simple.

Went through my stack of papers and i realized that i didnt have a red one with motives on them. all i had was a plain red paper. and what i did was i took a white pen and drew circles and stars on them. adding a little bit of a 'festive' touch to it.

Next step was to turn the piece of paper into a 'gift'. chose a contrasting ribbon and then i added a big bow on it. added some berries to the middle of the bow and stick them on top of the red paper.

And voila! another christmas card done... lets see... how much more to go zaza? 97? my.. my.. my..... i wish i have another pair of hands!


London a Treu Destination away from Cape Town said...

ZAza you are trully talented I wish I could do this for my friends and family hallmark have to do , Still getting use to being alone with Aman and Zakariya, as my mum went back to CPT and lee is at work

Wiz said...

Zaza, I dont think the previous ones were childish or too simple, they were lovely as well as this one. Love the colour, and the berries and the white pen effect. I never knew they have white ink pens. Now I know.

Anonymous said...

very clever idea , dooddling with the white pen , Zaza ! lovely card :P


Anonymous said...

this is my fav so far

nohachomel said...

love this blog very much! sebab byk resepi yang best dan mudah utk dicuba, thank you 4 sharing it with us :)

Akmal said...

What a sticky fingers you got(",).
Good day(",).

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

abbey: HEY! we saw the zakariya's photo with aman in the tub!!!! they're so cute! mum has gone back to cape town? bet she's missing you guys! my parents will be off to warwick this saturday. sure hell gonna miss them. start up your blog abbey! quick! all our love to the 4 of you!

wiz: i think they were a a little bit childish. wasnt happy with them at all. you're just way too kind with all your comments wiz! ;) get those white ink pens and start labelling your cake boxes! hehe..

ddah: thank you ddah. glad you like them. they are really simple to make! wont take you more than 15 mins i reckon!

anonymous: thank you!!

nohachomel: thank you for visiting! glad to be able to share with you. i'm no expert, this is just simply to share. if you do happen to try some of the recipes, do let me know the outcome and whether i should make any adjustments ya?

akmal: they are very sticky indeed. these fingers are now sticky with UHU, pva, double sided tape... you name it! hahaha...