Monday, 26 November 2007

Our 2nd Anniversary

1 uinon, 1 special day.

2 years today. 2 wonderful, beautiful years.

Hardy and I got married this day, 2 years ago! and what a life, what a journey it has been for the both of us.

All i could ever wished for, everything i could ever dream of, thankful and grateful. i'm still head over heels, i'm still bananas, i'm still nuts.

Here's to more love, more fun, more happy times and more good food to the soul!


Anonymous said...

congratulations Za (:

~ Ddah

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary to both of u..
may u both live happily ever after :)

Best Rgds,
Jaring JB, Msia.

I Cook4Fun said...

Zaza, Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Mat Gebu said...

Selamat menyambut ulang tahun perkahwinan yg ke-2..moga aroma2 cinta menyelubungi anda berdua, ibarat ikatan tersimpul rapi utk selama2nya hingga ke syurga...insya allahhh!!!! Tahniah yeaa!!!

jo ayee said...

Za..i tak reti nak berfalsafah cam Mat..:) sedap betul ayat MAt tu..anyway..may happiness be with you.congratulation!!!!!!!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ddah: thank you ddah!

fz: insyaallah, thanks for the kind wish!!

gert: thank you!

mat g: terima kasih. aroma aroma cinta? peeewiitt! hahaha... terrer la mat ni, boleh tulis love novel with those words! thank you very much mat.

jo: kita pon tak reti berfalsafah macam mat! this clearly proves that mat bukan pandai masak aja kan! ingat kan nak buat nasi jo semalam but we had dinner outside instead! thanks for the kind wish jo!

Wiz said...

Wishing you a blissfull wonderful 2nd anniversary, and many many more to come. SO what did you guys get each other this year?

drNO said...

happy 2nd anniversary...
best wishes to both of you...

Swahili said...

ooh i love your wedding gifts - im a real sucker for weddings..did you actually get those stuff in JB?!

the jewllery box with ZH is particularly charming. email me pics, when you are comfy with me in return i send you my online album (weddin)..

ooh sometimes blogspot can be pretty screw up. hope you get my reply abot the Tandoori (before this weekend)..wait sedap with Raita tau..nak resepi?

ps : Thank you for your kind words (our anni).Insyallah we will have more happy years ahead