Sunday, 18 November 2007

Scrap Christmas Card

Remember i told you in my last post that ideas came running as soon as i went to bed after making christmas card no.1? well, this was one of them. this one's a clever one. do not, and let me say this again, DO NOT throw away those tiny bits of ribbons and papers. i tend to keep scraps of papers, even to the tiny-est bit of them, just in case i can reuse them. when you tie a bow, and you cut out the ends to give it a little bit of an nice edge, well, i tend to keep that bit too, just in case it might be useful for later use.

It certainly was useful in this case. i was trying out a few ways on how to make use of them, and this was what i can come up with. i arranged them to a shape of a christmas tree (please tell me it looks like one). Added a sequine star on top and voila! hopefully the christmas colours adds to the theme.

Call me a cheapsket, but hey, it works for me! turned out nice dont you think so? if you have extra time or perhaps extra hands, add in a little bit more effort to tie those papers with a thin, extra super duper thin ribbons or a thick thread (those cross stitch ones -what do you call them?) and turn them into parcels and presents!


Kelly Mahoney said...

You have such a cool blog! I love this idea and I've bookmarked it for later.

Anonymous said...

your cards are sooo cantik Z, love the other one in the previous post too. so so so very extremely nice! such great talent you have.


Mat Gebu said...

Sekali pandang..mmg dah ada rupa pokok x'mas....mcm mana leh dpt idea tu?..kongsi skit?

Anonymous said...

love your cards Za :P
simple but cantik !
good way to use up your scraps.
i keep scraps and tend to forget all about it :@

~ Ddah

Wiz said...

I will tell you it looks like a christmas tree if you want me to, he he he. Even if it didnt look like one, it still looks lovely and nice, serious. Love the reindeer.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hi zaza! i love this scrap xmas card... simple and nice and of course very creative of i wish that i possess at least 10%of ur creativeness.... i ni langsung tak kreatif.... btw, i no longer blog at frenster yeah, do check out my new blog yeah..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

kelly mahoney: thanks for visiting kelly! hope this will at least give you some ideas on how to make your christmas cards! will look forward to reading more on your food adventure!

tw: thank you! lets make our own christmas cards this year!

mat g: bila nak tido baru dapat idea, bangun pagi terus carik all my scrap papers, put them together, arrange them and voila!

ddah: thanks! lets make something out of those scraps k! there's tonnes to do! but lets make sure we dont mess the whole place up! ;)

wiz: darn! i was hoping it'd look like one!

anis: welcome to blogger! definitely way better than blogging in friendster! you're gonna love it!

emly2175 said...

i used to do this at home, while waiting for job offer lepas grad dolu.. memang save duit la tapi best la sebab dpt exchanged cards dgn member..

adieha said...

your cards looks really good. u should sell 'em.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

emly: you can still do it! its very thereputic!! it's fun as well! jom!

adieha: hi! thank you! after reading your comment, i decided to put on a poll on the blog, asking if people would be interested to buy them, currently 3 wouldnt! heheh...