Thursday, 15 November 2007

1 Down, 99 To Go!

Christmas is just around the corner. i look forward to every christmas not because i celebrate it but because of the stuff we can get during this season. loads and loads of nice wrappers, lots of decoration, lots of bags and lots and lots of crafts to do! one particularly - cards.

I'll be making my own christmas cards this year, no more buying those boxed cards. lets just hope i have enough time to make them for all our friends. here's one i made last week before going to bed. so 1 down, 99 more to go!! I'll do the cards and i shall leave all the writings and posting to Hardy!

The only smart thing i came up with for this one was to add the ribbon. and as soon as i lay down on my bed, trying to sleep, ideas came running. what timing! will share more of christmas cards ideas.


Rita Ho said...

WOW! Hallmark, American Greetings and the likes better watch out or make a phone call to the land of windmills. :)

jo ayee said...

hi za. last night baru tgk gambar baru aidan..dah besar & tembam :) .regardg nasi beryani, bila air dah betul2 kering & hampir masak, what i did, ambil toothpick or cucuk satay, cucuk dlm coloring powder, cucuk-cucuk pula dlm nasi. repeat the process with diff color.nasi jgn dikacau, tutup periuk biarkan hingga masak, .Bila nasi dah masak barula di kacau, kasi color bercampur. kalau guna liquid colouirng tak jadi cantik. powder coloring ada jaul kat kedai pakistan, depo guna utk pilau rice. try la za.

Anonymous said...


comelnyer...tunggu raya next year, i'll send u a card with a ketupat-shaped along with saloma's song inside it..heheheh

care to write me your address!


nabialishad said...

wuhuuu..kalau laa daku salah sorg yg dapat kad ituuu harus ku frame terus!! buat lagi eh sis..ku suka tgk all the deco!!tengok pun jadi laaa...hahaha..

Wiz said...

Send to me send to me! Where did you get those snow flakes? I love the pattern of snowflakes, they make great deco especially when you emborsed them on a nice colourful background. Great job Zaza! I'm waiting for the icing entry...

London a Treu Destination away from Cape Town said...

trully a gift a real inspiration to see the effort you go through
all the best with the rest of the 99:)

Salina said...

Your card is so beautiful. I would have ordered from you if you were in the UK. Well for my hubby's next birthday, i know where to get a great card for him!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rita: you ni kan... make me blush only laaa. now shy oredi!

jo ayee: memang dah besar, tak larat nak angkat dah! sakit pinggang! ni dia belum makan nasi beryani lagi! jo, masak nasi pakai rice cooker ke on the stove? nanti kita nak carik those powder colouring, so far tak pernah nampak. and we dont have a pakistan shop here.. ada kedai turkey ngan kedai toko. will look out for it! thanks jo!

ayong: hantar ketupat terus eh next year, ngan lemang sikit, ngan kuih tart, ngan sambal sambal... lagu saloma tak payah, boleh download kat internet! haha!! we'll change address kat YM k?

nabialishad: lahai, yak ni buat before nak tido, ni orang malas nye card, tampal tampal sebarang je. but thank you my dear. will share more insyaallah.

wiz: i couldnt find shortening!!!!!!! we went to sainsbury tak jumpa! maybe ada jual kat specialist bake shop aja kot. there's no shortening sold here in the supermarkets. what they call them in dutch pon i dont know. i should ask another expert baker/cook if she can help. but i am making another type of icing! made from paper! hehe ;) tunggu.. snowflakes i bought them at a shop in belgium, they come in rolls, like ribbons.

treu of capetown: thanks for emailing us the boys photos! we went "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww". they're adorable! hope you guys are doing well and enjoying each other. start blogging abbey!!!! all our love, hugs and kisses to the 4 of you!

salina: thank you ever so much! but this particular one is just something i came up with before going to bed. making a card for men can be quite challenging! i'm so much into girly stuff.. i'll try and share some ideas with you if something comes up k? (p.s: are you the salina with good tastes in plates? hehe)

Salina said...

dear zaza,

don't listen to wiz. she is my best friend and she has always been sweet to me. In fact to everybody. I'd like to place order of 3 birthday cards for my spouse and 2 good friends for 2008. if you are not busy. is it possible for you to do the cards?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

salina: i'm honourned! my first order!! this is so flattering! thank you! let me know what you will need and when's the dateline.