Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Crave

We sometimes crave for the food back home. and this is definitely one of them - Keropok Lekor! after seeing Jo's keropok lekor on her blog, i told her, i just had to do it! and so i kept my fingers crossed, rolled up my sleeves and did it!

Its just basically, fish and flour, boiled then fried. but the process takes ages! i was trying to get rid of all the bones till i realized that that would be almost impossible! it was a very fishy business, but it was all worth it! somehow mine lacks the "lekor-ness" (whatever that means!). it tasted more like ordinary keropok. i didnt add any ajinomoto (i've never bought it before, but they do sell them here!), like what Jo did, that's probably why! Jo! Help!!!

I managed to snap only one photo, it didnt last more than a minuite on the plate! if you know what i mean! oh, and hardy insisted on the shape (i wanted it to be cute and tiny) but whatever the shape or size, the 3 of us enjoyed it very very much! you certainly must not judge the book by its cover! hehe. but how we (or maybe i, since hardy didnt complain at all!) wish it could be just like those ones back in Malaysia!

Click here for Jo's recipe.

I'm going to join Hardy in bed now (watching the new season of Heroes la!). will blog again on crafts tomorrow!!


Lady E said...

Zaza.. i impress..ahahaha..nampak sedap..u just make me hungry to eat keropok lekor.. and make me hungry to eat nasi dagang nak balik KB now ni..hehe

Wiz said...

Looks the same ones we always have every sunday at the nearby pasar malam. Yes Zaza, you need to get that ajinamoto for the lekors. The ones they have here is filled with that, tu yang sedap tu I supposed.