Wednesday, 23 April 2008

~Hearty Crafty~

I didnt quite like how this one turned out. i was expecting something more. perhaps the colours are all wrong. perhaps it's way too straight forward. but here's just to share. i am currently into stamps, and making less cards (perhaps if more people would buy it, then i'd make more! haha..), but i'm making other stuff, paper craft related of course. i'm currently busy playing with my new stamps and ink pads and not to mention toying with vellums! i'll try and see what i can come up with and put them up in here.

One tip, if you want the edgy look on your papers, remember to tear them towards you. this might help to create that sort of look. now i'm wishing i have that distress ink to just add a little bit more of edgy-ness look! perhaps that's the thing it lacks! maybe i should run to my favourite craft shop later this week now that i'm feeling better!

Oh, buttons. those who know me, will know that i trully, madly, deeply, love, adore buttons! i'm going to finish up a few more thank you cards now that my stamps are here, and just a few touches finishing up a black and white card for a very sweet lady to send to her husband. Aidan is napping, i should be crafting! till my next post... thanks for all the lovely comments, i will now try to reply them... take care!


k.ct said...

cantik laa..
btw..ur sigs batch..sabrina send regards to u.

Wiz said...

Looks awesome to me zaza. Glad to know that you are up and about, buttoning and crafting. Take care.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.ct: thank you! sabrina? sabrina mana ya? do send her my best wishes, still!

wiz: alla wiz, you ni kan, kertas kosong i tampal reben pon you'd still say it's nice. you're just way too kind and too nice! wiz, we should chat soon! dah lama kan? hope all is well!!! lots of love, have a good weekend k!

Lady E said...

zaza.. canteks card ni.. i likeeee..
i kalau buat card takde pun canteks mcm ni..hehe.. why eak? haha