Friday, 25 April 2008

Something For the Twins

I dont have much time to write, i'm doing some rearranging (Aidan's room), cleaning (all the rooms), washing and tumble drying (3 loads!), folding (once out of the dryer), changing (our sheets) AND packing (we're going on a holiday!!!!!) - notice i left the ironing bit? hehe. but since i promised to post another craft entry today, here it is!

I did this for my sister. she wanted a card for one of her friends, expecting twins, due next month. but i decided to make her something different instead. these are lightweight frames made out of felt, backed with thick boards for support and finished them off with some buttons, ribbons and felt decorations i found at a sale section of a shop. something they can display at their nursery, or perhaps hang it. had their initials cut out - F for Felipe and G for Guilherme.

We hope they will like it, but more importantly, we hope they will have a safe delivery next month! And as usual, here's to all of you all, thanks for visiting, have a Good Friday and enjoy the weekend!


Intan Rosnitta said...

~ Happy Holiday
~ Happy Weekend
~ pssttt... I luv the frames ;)

the Pangburns said...

I just found out about your blog... and I love it! My dear, you are amazing -- and your work is mindblowing!! You should be the next Martha Stewart! I need to send you some articles from her magazine, and some papers I've collected. These papers would be much better in your hands!

k.ct said...

Nak cakap macam mana lagi...memang LAWA! I luv it...

happy holiday! Take care..

'voices that care',

Milkberry said...

*dies of cuteness*
zaza you did it again! they're so pwetty! and oh i hope you have a nice family getaway trip!

ratu syura said...

Woww.. you're really getting good at this! It's so cute!! I love the buttons! :D

zuraida said...

zaza.. sooooooo cute!
just to let you know that Uncle Othman & Auntie Asmah will be going to Ireland on 1 May to visit Suhaila.