Saturday, 19 April 2008

{Petals Perfect}

Sorry for not putting up anything new for the past 4-5 days. i've been a little bit unwell. well, maybe slightly more than a little bit (if you want, you can read it here). but i am feeling ok now, almost back to normal. me head keeps on spinning now and again but apart from that, i'm ok. sorry to scare most of you, but i am, honestly ok now.

Thank you so so SO much for all your well wishes. i am trully touched! i wish i could give each one of you a big huge hug!

Anyway, back to arty crafty. this is something withOUT a splash of pink (sorry milkberry, will post more pink stuff soon k!). Here's something blue instead. not to reflect how i'm currently feeling, no. i'm feeling bright and sunny yellow now! perhaps i should do something yellow tonight?!

I was inspired by one of the magazines i flipped through not long ago (i cant remember which one now..) what they did was they cut out each petals out using different papers. i wrote the word 'love' on two of the petals, pasted a few sequins on another, added gold polkadots, and then i added a big white bling bling at the center! a brown velvet ribbon to finish it off.

I dont have much time now to reply to each individual comments, but i will do so very very soon. promise! but here's to Pugly, yes, i do sell most of my cards, to those who are interested. (the blogsite to sell most of my stuff is still under construction, forgive me, i am very slow!)

Until my next post, enjoy the rest of your weekend! have a great sunday and take good good care of your health!!! i know i will!


Milkberry said...

Hi Zaza! I'm glad you're okay. I hope you did go to the doctor. Anyway it's alright, pink or no pink you still make amazing crafts! And this 'perfect petals' is proof! It's so cute! Cho kawaii~

I hope you get plenty of rest and let others take care of you :) Every woman wants to be Supermom but there are days when you have to rely on others, right? Sorry if I sound repetitive. I'll stop now.

Time to get some shut eye. Have a nice day Zaza-san! Odaijini (get well soon) and kyo tsukete (take care!)

Ummi said...

I showed your blog to my daughter, she went gaga over your craft. :)

Wiz said...

Hope you are recovering Zaza. Was quite worried about you. I know how you must be feeling now - alone, especially when hubby is not around. At times like this you long for familiar faces, familiar places. Wished I was there, to force you to the clinic. And maybe later we can have the Halal KFC you onced talked about. Trust me, burger king tak sedap, KFC laaaaagii best.

Keep well.

k.ct said...

hi za..

glad that u r back!
im sure most of ur blog readers miss ur 'zazacraftsandcooks' veryyy the much.hahaha...

stay healthy lady!

rina said...

take care zaza...

mummy lesha said...

hi zaza ! i'm glad whatever's putting you down is over !

i'm a frequent visitor to your blog but i never realised you had another one for your crafts !

i'm a scrapper but i have to say, you're very very talented ! all your crafts are lovely ! and errr...some of the designs can even be used for an LO for scrapping !

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

milkberry: i love it when you teach me those cute little japanese words!! teach me more! how well can you speak japanese? is it easy?
i'm ok now, thanks ever so much for all those kind words. and yes, i should rely on others, i should start from now! ;)
you kyo tsukete too!!! will 'visit' you soon k?

k.ummi: what's her name? or i can just get her initial, i'll slip something small for her in the post together with your husband's card!!!

wiz: i was worried about me too! hehe. but i'm ok now. nothing's wrong with me. it was just one of those strong, super bugs. somehow comments like yours makes me smile and want to get up even faster! KFC sounds so sooo good! we'll take it to the park for a picnic nak?! ;) lots of love!!!

k.ct: thank you! i will absolutely try to keep well from now on!!!!

rina: thank you so much dear, i will try to from now on. i'll take extra care!!! tak mo sakit lagi.... susah!!! boring!!! feel useless!!! hehe..

mummy lesha: thanks ever so much for visiting us here in the blog world! and thank you so much for those kind kind words. you know what? i dont think i can scrap! or perhaps, i'm just way too fickle! i've scrapped a few but not proud of it! but i do try to incorporate the scrapbooking elements into cardmaking! glad you like them! share us some of your scrapping ideas! would love to learn from you!