Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wickedly Cool!

I am extremely lucky to have a really cool brother in law. he's just like a brother whom i can talk to and open up to. he's simply wicked with a strange sense of humour!

Today's his birthday. due to the bug i recently had, i didnt have much time to make a really good card, and to get him a really good present, but thankfully Royal Mail had no strikes and he received the parcel before his birthday.

Here's to Redza, you're awesome, you're wickedly cool, you're wonderful and you're so so much fun! here's wishing you all the happiness, good health and may all your dreams come true. we love you and hope to see you soon (july kan?!)


Milkberry said...

Oh this is just so weird. I thought I've left a comment! Anyway, nice! Very man-card-ish. LOL. *claps* Bravo Zaza-san! You are extremely gifted in card making! R is such an awesome letter hahaha. I said that mainly because my name starts with R too :D

Wow you're going to Italy *sobs uncontrollably* One day I will definitely go there! I want to backpack across Europe and take the train and stay at backpackers inn. Definitely on my wishlist. I will definitely do it! And maybe if I go to Holland I can see you! :D

Oh btw I answered your question on my blog but just in case I'll answer here as well. It's October 10th! :)

Wiz said...

Perfectly crafted Z. Love every single detail.