Friday, 11 April 2008

Pastel Pink

Just something to share for the weekend. i did this last week. i didnt have much time, and so i decided to make it plain and simple. i quite like the pastel pink and yellow combination. i dont know why but i'm currently into pink! i find myself picking up pink papers, pink ribbons, pink flowers... just wait till you see a few others i did recently! most of them consist of pink!

I love making baby cards. you tend to make them sweet as a candy, pastel and you can surely dress them up!

Ok, its getting late. i better hit the sack and call it a day. here's wishing all of you a great weekend. thanks for all the comments, as usual, lots of love from the bottom of my heart! (i promise to cook this weekend! it was ages ago since i posted a cooking post!). Welterusten...


Milkberry said...

Awwww! Pinkk~ You should try pink+chocolate or pink+brown combination. It is loveee~ Or pink+black! Haha I love pink! Can't you tell? :P

Crash Test Mom said...

omg, this is so adorable!

k.ct said...

soooo sweet n cute..really!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

good morning people!!! i woke up slightly earlier today. so i can reply some comments. i've been terrible lately, replying comments rather late... so i'm gonna make it a point from now onwards to reply them secepat yang boleh!

milkberry: of course i can tell, just look at your blog layout! look at your blogname milkberry, look at you! you're as sweet as pink! and yes, pink and brown's my favourite. they go so very well, a very classy combination. i bought a few round boxes in the UK just cause of the colours! (pics somewhere in my blog). plus of course it was quite a bargain.

crash test mom: aww.. you're too kind with your words! thank you so much. glad you find it adorable. tried visiting you but there wasnt any bloglinks on your profile. but anyway, thanks for dropping by, you have a great weekend ya?

k.ct: thank you so much!

crash test mom said...

hi zaza,
i really admire your craft works, really. i love them all, but sadly couldn't find the time to really devote to it. i hope to start some small projects just for my kids. thanks for inspiring me.

btw, i've been a little shy, so here's my link :)

Mat Gebu said...

Adoiiii!!!... Mmg sweet for baby girl.....sweet mcm candy.....ishh zaza, u ni mmg "gifted" laa, creative sungguhh!!!!!

Intan Rosnitta said...

1) cute
2) lovely
3) sweet

Love your blog...u mmg talented zaza!

Salam kenal...I link your blog k! :D

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

crash test mom: tonnes of craft ideas to do with kids! its good to start them early. just so they can let their imagination run wild. how many kids do you have? are you a full time mom? i'm gonna visit your link now... again, thanks for dropping by, take care!

mat g: i sometimes wish i have your talent!

intan rosnitta: thanks for visiting and your kind words!!