Sunday, 10 August 2008

*Blue Bayou*

What a blue and gloomy sunday it is today! we woke up with drizzles of rain and the grass wet. weather like this reminded me of a song called Blue Bayou (wonder who sang it?!). we planned to visit our friends up north and head to the beach but i dont think we can. perhaps the weather next week would be better (surely hope so!).

I have been very busy working my hands off for the past week. i'm still trying out to make someone a card and an anniversary pressent which is probably impossible to make without photos! i then got lost somewhere along the way and got quite frustrated with myself cause it simply wouldnt turn out right! i then derailed and came to this on night -

- which is not to bad i reckon. a card with detachable tags which you can write your own message on! wish me luck today! oh, and i hope you're lucky with the weather wherever you are! (*still singing Blue Bayou in my head*)


Milkberry said...

Isn't Blue Bayou a country song or something? I forgot about that song until you brought it up. For me, my boring/sleepy/rainy/don't know what to do day would be accompanied by Carpenters' Rainy Days and Mondays in my head. And you know what? Today's that day for me as well.

I'm sleepy all day (despite sleeping early last night) and I have no idea what to do. Everything is just too boring to do and I feel sleepy all over again! Arghhhh! I think I'm going out.

Anyways, I digress. The card looks funky! Hopefully you'll have a nicer, warmer and sunnier day tomorrow!

ummi365 said...

Isn't that nice? Hmm i like it.

Supiahton said...

Hi Zaza,

Nice cards there u got....came across ur blogger from Mush @ Belgium blogger friends (i'm Mush friend from Singapore)....then randomly i click ur link & there i found lotsa creative cards that u've had made.

Simply lovely, nice & creativity ideas u came up every each of ur cards. Keep up ur good work!!!

Hope to see more creative cards from u cos i luv crafts but i'm more into "origami" things *grin*

Btw salam perkenalan dari kota Singa.

Kak Shasha said...

Dear Za,
Look at the bright side dik. Everytime u feel like ur jammed up, voila u come up with something better then the last! Keep ur spirits up n just wanted to tell u how wonderful n beautiful ur crafts are....
Loves, K.Shasha

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

kiki berry: i think it is somekind of contry, i think sense of music's been influenced too much by dad lah. i sound old for mentioning blue bayou!!! i'm now gonna listen to rainy days and mondays pulak dah!

go out go out!! dont sleep for too long, but if it's raining outside, you just fell like snuggling your pillows and be under the duvet kan?

much love!

k.ina: how are you?! i kindda like it too, glad it turned out good! gonna experiment with other colours pulak! ;) lots of love to you and the kids!

supiahton: hi! thanks so much for dropping by. it's always nice to hear from someone new! i have yet to meet mush but from her writings she's just too sweet and hopefully we'll meet one day!
thanks for all the kind words, its lovely knowing that someone likes your work, it gives me some sort of happiness to share. these are all simple crafts, unlike origami. origami requires a lot of patience as well (which dont think i have). i wish i can fold papers into swans and birds! and turn them into chimes!! that would be lovely kan?
anyway, hope the weather's not too hot for you down in spore. (i miss lana chocolate cake....)

best wishes, always!

k.shasha: you know what k.sha, everytime when i read what you wrote kan, it's just like you sitting next to me. thanks for always keeping in touch with us. thanks for always leaving comments in here, it makes me feel at home! lots of love to you, and the rest of the family! hugs to the kids!

Supiahton said...

Zaza, weather been like roller coaster this few days or weeks in S'pore *sigh* but more likely too humid especially in the afternoon.

Yeah, u should meet Mush if u've a chance. She a nice lady & an angel to me (knew her since my secondary days back then)

Agree with u that making origami requires a lot of patience (i'm almost give up the 1st time making swan, sometimes wonder where did i get those patience....hehehe) but now a bit expert in folding paper crane, flowers, butterfly, heart & so on.

If only u know this basic folding paper, it would be nice to add to your cards. Agree with me?!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

sofia, yes indeed. i believe so too! you can incorporate them with the cards! it will look stunning, but i dont have that much patience and skill! unlike somebody.... ;)