Saturday, 23 August 2008


I've always loved materials, textiles. we used to get them rolls and rolls from a factory in JB. mum turned them into curtains and cushions. back in school (during my years), most people label those in science stream as 'smart kids' and those in the home sciences/art or ERT as they call it in Malaysia as 'less smarter kids'. (which is totally not true by the way!). but i was always proud of being in the non sciences, happily swinging my bag on the way to sewing classes and always thrilled to go for cooking lessons and see what we're going to bake and cook that day. somehow or rather, i feel that whatever we did in the past had helped me into this person that i am today, every bit of it has its relevance!

I have been working with a lot of textures lately. i've decided to put my papers and cards for a rest (but just for a little while) and venture out on other related crafts. made quite a few already but i think i'll showcase this one first. my craze now is fabrics!

Turned this one into magnets so that i can put them up on our magnet wall (or should i say radiator!)

Well, i'm sure glad i wasnt in the science stream! at least i've learned some basic sewing and cooking!

I'm off for another short holiday. will be away for a week-ish. but i'll try and blog from Hardy's new toy (lets see what the big fuss is all about!). till my next post, have a wonderful weekend everyone. wish us a safe trip!


lililin said...

kak zazaaa
canteklah! nnt datang sini kita pegi montmarte k. kat sana kain dia cute2 and murah, nak jahitkan baju utk aidan pun ble beli kain kat situ! hihi

have fun in czech! amik gambar byk2 k

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

lin: nak nak!! tapi macam mana kalau gi sana 2 hari je! semua nak gi...nak gi park... nak gi shopping barang baby.. nak gi montmarte... sempat ke?!?!?