Friday, 29 August 2008

{Sweet Treats}

We're still in czech! we're leaving for Sittard tomorrow and what a week it has been! weather's been awesome and the sights are simply breathtaking. its a totally different feeling, to be in this part of the world! i almost forgot i promised you lot that i'd blog from here... but anyway... better late than never!

Just before i left, i managed to make a few cupcake designs on a few stuff. this was a couple of them - a notebook and a few tags, or some can use it as bookmarks. before i could even publish it on the blog, Ninie (whom i met recently during her balik kampung to the netherlands!) swept everything! i showed it to her and she wanted to have them all.. and more!

She wanted 20 of the bookmarks. i then rushed to make more of the bookmarks so that she could have it before i leave for czech. hopefully they are now safe and in good condition in Dubai, in Ninie's creative hands! will be making more cupcake stuff...

Anyway, this is it for this time. will write again once i'm back in Sittard! i'm now gonna enjoy the rest of my summer holidays here! wish us a safe drive back to NL! take care everyone!

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