Friday, 15 August 2008

la~La~ laa~ LA~la......

It's friday its friday its friday! i have been working hard lately on different projects apart from cardmaking. i've just finished snapping the photos and will later upload them to share soon. tomorrow the british x factor will be on air and boy am i excited! the x factor is a uk version of american idol where they've produced stars like leona and lat year's winner leon. i LOVE the x factor! cant wait for tomorrow!

Before i go and fetch aidan, here's one to share. did this a while ago just to celebrate the x factor coming back on screen this year! haha. i'm so excited on the projects i've embarked on! i am also considering to embark on supplying some scrapbooking items (but we'll see... still an idea as one of my suppliers had just proposed to me..)

You guys have a great saturday and sunday. i'll be cooking this weekend! will put it up here! till my next post, thanks for dropping by!


lililin said...

bonne weekend kak zaza! nnt soh aidan masuk competition tu jugak, nyanyi lagu burung kakak tua HAHHAHHA. i confirm will vote for him tawwww

- lin

Sofiya said...

Zaza, nice card!!! hey check out my blog but ain't 100% finish doing this blog. i've to take time to navigate ard with it....hehehe

Supiahton aka Sofiya

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

lilililililililin: dah gi survey lom? tadi kita masok prenatal! sooooo many cute little things! if only you're near....

sofiya: hey, you love cats eh!!!

Sofiya said...

Yup, i do love cats....sorry my blog site hasn't done yet. Sedang mencari ilham macam mana nak start with....hehehe

Do drop by when u're free.
Fyi, i ada 3 ekor kucing semuanya at home....Dua ekor kucing "cross breed" & a kitten i nicknamed it "kecik aka Monkey" *LOL*