Wednesday, 6 August 2008

{A Gift}

A relative of mine came for a visit last week. she's married to a dutch but they now reside in Kuala Lumpur. the last time (and the first time) i met them was 2 years ago. at that time i was heavily pregnant with Aidan. they were terribly kind, brought us loads of stuff, food stuff... took us out for tea, then went on to dinner, met a few of their friends and relatives (nice to be introduced to locals since we were new at that time) and the next day, she cooked us a good mean nasi tomato and brought them over to us!

This year, she dropped by and it was our turn to treat them! apart from a heavy tea consisting of fried mee hoon, the famous limburg vlaai, and a dutch dessert vla, i prepared Auntie Noni this gift.

Auntie Noni is a very simple person. i made her a simple card and i decided to stick to one main colour and add a little gem with a grey ribbon. my mum makes necklaces and such (watches, earings etc.), i picked one of mum's collection (which reminds me i have to pay her!) and put them in a matching box, tied a bow and voila!

We had a good time, catching up, Aidan spoke a lot of dutch and responded to some french (i'm quite surprised!). i'll always be grateful to Auntie Noni, she cares, she remembers, loving and too kind. hope she enjoyed her evening with all of us!

That's it for this time guys, it's past midnight... i'm gonna sleep smiling coz i managed to finish 3 cards today! which is very very rare! i'm lucky if i get to finish one! and i'm quite pleased on how it turned out too! will share soon and will reply comments soon k? thanks for dropping by!

Good night guys...


Milkberry said...

Hi Zaza-san~

The card and the necklace is beautiful! Especially the colors! Are your parents still there with you? How much longer are they staying with you? Bestnyaaa!

Jeles ni~ Jeles ni... my parents takmo dtg pon... unless I give them a grandchild. Jahat tau blackmail orang. Haih... ehehe. Have a nice day Zaza!!

Anonymous said...

Hi zaza !
i'm your silent reader and you know what? i'm so envy la dgn you are such creative and gifted creature on too loves all the handmade thing and i used to do gift tag, favour bag and invitation cards for my daughter' s birthday few years back..but now so malas as i dont know where to get the craft supply shop here in kl plus the thing are so expensive.You know where to get all those butterflies, flowers and all the tiny2 thing for the card decoration? and also where i can get the punchers (eh betulke? yg you guna utk buat decoration kt tepi2 kad tuh). oh god i think i have to sharpen my skill back.

I yang jeles he..he

zuraida said...

zaza.. soooo beautiful! creative!
Wah.. aidan dah pandai cakap dutch & some french? bestnya! peluk cium for him ok.

Sara said...

Wow.... I like ALL of your creations! Your mum makes necklaces and stuffs? Your dad is a wonderful cook.... wow, creative family :) Mas.

Wiz said...

Zaza, how did you have prints on the black card? Is there a technique to that? This card says elegance.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

milkberry san: yea, they're still with us before they shoot off to my sister's and later to their friend's. dont jeles k?

hey, you know what, i saw a blythe diary yesterday!!!!! i was like heyy!!! milkberry sukaa ni!! and hardy was like "who's milkberry?" heheheh... then i told him that milkberry japan... and he was like... "ooohhhh"...

;) have a wonderful weeking berries!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anonymous: hey, dont be jealous, i am pretty sure you have some creative bones inside you! it is true that crafting stuff back in malaysia are very pricy. i dont know where the craft shops are back in malaysia, perhaps you can look it up on the net, that would be best. i'm pretty sure there's one in oneutama, and all around that area.
i get most of my supplies here, and during my travelling, wherever we go. yes sometimes i use those punchers, and sometimes i use my machine. i know where to get the punches here but not in malaysia, sorry... they're quite heavy to be posted, sure melambung tinggi harga postage kalau nak post. try to look it up on google k? for sure ada a good craft shops in kl!!

you take care and i hope i've answered your questions. thanks so much for visiting, dropping by! have a wonderful weekend!

k.zue: dia cakap dutch budak ni, french pandai au revoir aja. tu pon ikot si tad (katak mainan dia yang pandai cakap). he responds to whatever we say, budak budak memang cepat tangkap, ajar hamizan cakap russian pon surely dia ingat!

rinduuu k.zue!

mas: thank you mas... i have yet to get to know you better and your hidden talents! i'm sure there's plenty! but one thing for sure, one thing i can see and conclude from what i've observed hari tu, you're one good mum! that's the best kan? lots of love, good weekend! keep in touch k!

wiz: there's a technique of stamping, but i was short of time and so i decided to use one of my most valuable papers. it's been embossed a bit! (p.s: i made you a cupcake magnet!!!)

Milkberry said...

Zaza you can call me Ikin hahaha. Ikin or Kiki, whichever lah. My Malaysian friends call me Ikin, tapi over here Ikin tu cam susah nak pronounce (ntah apasal) so they called me Kiki instead. Hehe~

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

milkberry: kiki is so you (with the cute fringe!!!) hehe...