Tuesday, 5 August 2008


As usual, on Tuesday mornings, Aidan's at his playschool. he cried this morning as Hardy was the one who sent him right to the playroom. i think for the past week or so, he's been reluctant to go to school, simply because oma and opa are here. i hope it gets better.

On some days, we go out right after sending Aidan. browsing.. window shopping.. perhaps to our local craft stores or lately to the garden centre. but on certain days, you just feel like you want to stay at home, especially when you have a hobby! it keeps you alive (if you know what i mean!). and to be honest, my best friends here are my scissors, my papers as well as my ribbons (and not to mention my son and my husband!).

We've been spending a lot of time outdoors these days, especially in our new garden. i'm sure gonna miss the sun when it gets to autumn and winter (it can get really depressing during winter, trust me!) so you guys who have sun all year round, be thankful! we hope to go up north to the beach and give our other 2 best friends Noreen and Daniel a visit this weekend! hope there'll be plenty of sun!

Love to all,


Rose said...

Hi zaza, hope aidan is getting better in playschool. Hahaha! He just want to have fun and spend more time with his oma and opa. ;p

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

hi rose! you know what? the thing is, he cries when we send him off, and after we waive and drive off, he's fine! that's the comforting bit, at least we know that he'll get on with his day and play with the rest!!