Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Sweet Tooth

If i'm back in Malaysia now i'd probably busy making real ones for Eid. well, maybe not as elaborate as this one on the card, but i have made quite a few to sell over the years. and if i'm not busy making real ones, i'd probably be busy scouting for some cakes and cookies for my Hari Raya hampers (gosh, its that time of the year again, and i so miss it!)

But nonetheless, i still do get a lot of satisfaction making 'cakes' out of papers! this was what i came up with couple of nights ago, 20 mins before going to bed. some days i'm lucky, some not so lucky to achieve such results! i have quite a lot of scrap and i dont normally throw them away. you can do so much with them, even the teeniest, tiniest bit of paper!

I'll be updating more.. and for you sweet bunch of girls who always pop by and leave comments, thanks a bunch! enjoy the cake! i'll put the kettle on and go make us some tea... ;)


Anonymous said...


Mmm..nicely done..
u inspired me..berkobar kobar nak buat card..but of course im not as good as you..
Thank you so much for the info you gave me the other day..i know that shop in one utama tu..Craft Haven right? tak sabar2 waiting for your next posting ..and pls hug si chubby aidan for me..

i yg jeles he..he

Supiahton said...

pink is my fav colour....this card look simple but nicely done by you (thumbs up)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

dearest yang jeles (hahahaha... please tell me know name, any name, a made up name pon boleh!)

thank you! it's so nice to hear that i inspire people!!! hey, i might embark myself into selling scrapbooking supplies. i bought so many of them and will have more pretty soon insyaallah. i will have embellishments and stickers and let me know if you're interested. i will sell them cheap, almost half the price of the selling price here at the shops (i dont know much about msia). but then again, postage to malaysia would then spoil the price! but i should go and check at the post office. it's going to be a new venture, i hope it goes well, if not, i'd probably use them all on my cards! hehe...

supiahton: it is simple and very simple to make indeed! try it! pink is not my favourite colour but somehow i always tend to use the colour, i dont know why!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear cik Zaza,

of course i interested..please let me know the price ya!!

i yg jeles @ Seri

Sofiya said...

Try it?! Duh! i'm not good at crafts. But maybe i'll try it.

Indirectly u're hook with pink colour as u always tends to use it.
Any purple colour cards that u've had yet made?! i'm simply love purple, pink & blue.